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What To Do With Your Dog While At Work In 7 Simple Steps

What To Do With Your Dog While At Work In 7 Simple Steps

Don’t know what to do with your dog while at work? It’s a common questions dog owners such as yourself always ask. No doubt having a dog and working 9-5 is hard to juggle. While leaving your dog alone can be a bitter experience for both you and the dog, it sometimes can’t be avoided. Plus, when you’re not careful, your dog’s boredom could translate into destructive behavior at home.

So, what can you do?

In this article, we’ve written a seven-step guide you can follow to help you keep your dog happy and entertained even when you’re at work the whole day.

The Ultimate 7-Step Guide to What to Do with Your Dog While at Work

List of things you’ll need:

  • Exercise gear
  • Doggy treats
  • Working TV or radio
  • Interactive toys for dogs
  • Doggy bed
  • The contact number of a dog sitter or walker
  • The address of a nearby dog daycare

Step 1: Exercise with Them in the Morning

a woman who jogs with her dog

A fun way you and your dog can start the day is with exercise! Take your dog out for an early-morning walk or run so you two can bond straight away.

Spending your mornings with your dog this way accomplishes two things. One, you’re able to spend quality time with your four-legged friend. Two, you’ll also be able to get your day’s worth of exercise right before work.

Spending quality time with them early in the day helps them cope while you’re gone for the majority of the day.

Step 2: Feed Them with Treats

Dog is eating her treats

So, you’ve walked your dog, and it’s now time for you to head to your 9 to 5. If you’re stuck on what to do with your dog while at work, try feeding them with treats right before you go.

Feeding them treats helps them know that you love them. It also helps them stay in a good mood even if they see you leave.

Another way to entertain your dog with treats while you’re not at home is to hide a few in specific areas of your house. Your dog will be entertained and have a fun time sniffing them out the whole day.

Tip: Don’t hide too many treats, as giving dogs too many is also not a good idea. Also, hide the snacks in areas that are easy to access so your dog won’t get hurt in any way.

Step 3: Entertain Them with the TV or Radio

My parents in law came over for Christmas with their dog

If your dog’s the type that loves company, entertaining them with the TV can help them not feel too alone. Before you leave, turn on your TV and land it on a friendly channel such as the ones for kids.

The sounds from the TV can simulate the presence of people in your house. This will make them feel comfortable and happy.

If you don’t want to keep the TV on from 9 to 5, a good alternative is to turn on a battery-powered radio. Tune in on a friendly station where radio jocks talk and play upbeat songs.

Tip: Ensure that the volume of your TV and radio isn’t too loud. Remember, dogs have sensitive ears, so keep the volume low.

Step 4: Gift Them with an Interactive Toy

a playful dog who eats a toy for fun

When you leave dogs home alone with nothing to do, their boredom can manifest into destructive behavior. If you’re not careful, you might come home to see scratched furniture and shewed shoes.

So, what can you do to keep them occupied when you’re not there? Here’s another idea on what to do with your dog while at work—gift them with an interactive toy.

You are giving your dog a toy or two to play with while your gone doesn’t just give them something to do. Toys can stimulate your dog’s mind and even helps them ease their negative feelings.

Here are examples of classic and interactive dog toys you can gift your dog and leave them with as you’re working:

●       Squeaker bones

●       Chew toys

●       Ropes and balls

Nowadays, you can buy your dog an interactive smart toy to play with. These kinds of toys are a notch higher than the typical ones, so they’ll keep your dog occupied for a long time.

Here are a couple of examples of popular smart toys you can consider getting for your dog:

  • Feeding robots: These are toys that move on their own, encouraging your pet to chase them. When your dog catches the toy, it automatically rewards them with a treat.
  • Ball launchers: As their name implies, ball launchers throw balls in the air at different intervals. With this toy, your dog can play catch on its own.
  • Puzzle toys: These toys encourage your dog to solve a puzzle to reveal the treats hiding in it.

Depending on how active your dog is, you can give them one or a combination of classic and interactive toys to keep them from getting bored while you’re away.

Step 5: Make Them Their Own Space

Dog lying on his bed space

Making your pooch comfortable at home while you’re gone will make it easier for them to be left alone. Remember, when your dog is comfortable, it will be happy, too. To do this, you can give them their own little space in your home.

Pick a cool spot in your home that’s near a window, so your dog has a view. We suggest you choose a place in the living room so that they’ll have room to move.

Once you’ve chosen a spot, put a doggy bed and blanket there that they can snuggle into. Make it more inviting by putting your dog’s favorite toys there, too.

Step 6: Hire a Dog Sitter or Walker

a dog walking with her master

If you don’t know what to do with your dog while at work, here’s a suggestion—you can hire a dog sitter or walker to take care of them while you’re gone.

Getting a sitter to watch your dog throughout the day also helps them from feeling alone. You can even ask the sitter to give your four-legged friend a walk in the afternoon. Going out on a midday walk can instantly boost your dog’s mood.

Step 7: Drop Them off at Dog Daycare

Dogs Running in the yard

Some dogs have more fun when they’re around other dogs. If your pooch is happier in the company of other dogs, a good idea would be to drop them off at a trusted dog daycare on your way to work.

Having them stay in dog daycare there means you don’t have to overthink what to do with your dog while at work! You can leave the activity-setting to the daycare staff.

Tip: When looking for a dog daycare to leave your dog at, make sure to look for one that’s near where you work. This way, you can attend to them should an emergency arise.

With these seven easy steps, we hope you now know what to do with your dog while at work. The key is to make sure your dog is happy and entertained throughout the day. The little things like spending the morning with them, keeping the TV or radio on, and giving them toys to play with will keep them occupied from 9 AM to 5 PM. You can even opt to get a sitter or drop them off at a doggy daycare. Just make sure to leave them with someone you trust. If you trust your dog sitter, your dog will likely trust them, too.

What other things do you do to keep your dog entertained while you’re at work? Share your experiences in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share this article with someone who has a dog and juggles a 9 to 5 job, too!

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