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What To Do When Neighbors Dog Poops In Your Yard? (The Truth)

What To Do When Neighbors Dog Poops In Your Yard? (The Truth)

It is distressing to see a stinking and messy front yard due to the neighbor’s dog pooping there when you had been out for fulfilling work duties. Having known the fact that a canine has made your lawn its personal bathroom raises suspicion regarding dogs as the best pal of man.

However, the animal is doing what any other pet would do naturally. Sadly, this is many times backed with the owner’s ignorance due to which the pet feels that these actions seem to be okay.

Thus, enjoying the benefits of your front yard that you have been taking care of for a long time is now next to impossible when the neighbor’s dog starts using it for other purposes. Dog owners know how it feels to step in a fresh dog poop pile, which is more than being unpleasant, especially if barefoot.

It can be more distressing if the neighbor’s dog has spoiled most parts of the nicely-managed lawn in your yard or even attacked your own small puppies. Sadly, these are becoming common incidences.

According to a blog at lawnstarter.com, the uninvited behaviors of pet dogs are among the most common complaints about the neighbors in five American metropolises. Thus, it is true that the neighbor’s dogs can introduce troubles in your life even if you are a pet owner.

“I love dog poops messing my yard!” is something that no one will ever say. So, it is wise to know about the legal and effective steps to take on how to stop a dog from defecating in a certain area. This also informs what to do when a neighbor’s dog poops in your yard.

This post is dedicated to share with you what to do to stop neighbor’s dog and your dog, too, from spoiling your yard. So, read on…

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Request the Neighbor to Clean the Dog Poop and Explain the Consequences of Not Scooping

Dog Poop

Yes, this is the most obvious and the first step to take to stop the neighbor’s dog from pooping in your yard. Telling the neighbor politely to scoop the poop is also an indispensable step to take, as not doing so is likely to make the poop accumulation dangerous or more afflicting for you. Here is how!

  • Introduces Diseases to Your Yard: Did you know that the poop of a dog, if not lifted and disposed well, can cause as well as spread an illness? Many believe that it is a good fertilizer; but no, it is not! While the herbivorous cows’ manure is a good fertilizer, the poop of a dog contains harmful bacteria and worms such as ringworms, E. coli, and parvovirus. This means that your dog becomes vulnerable by roaming in your yard where someone else’s dog has left poop packed with worm eggs.Even humans can become sick due to the present nasty parasites. On top of that, the dog waste draws pests and insects such as breeding flies only to transmit diseases to you or your dog. Further, even worst can be the fact that the neighbor’s dog who pooped is suffering from a disease, as the feces would then contain its germs. Removing this poop from your yard or garden needs much attention and care. All these facts make even the health of your kids also vulnerable. Thus, it is the responsibility of the pet owners to keep their dogs and other dog owners healthy.
  • Contaminates Water: Many people will tell you not to worry if poop is there on your lawn, as the upcoming rain will clear it for you. However, did you know that not cleaning the poop area when it is just about the rain is quite harmful? Unpleasingly, this poop reaches the local water channels through the drainage system by the medium of rainwater.This contaminates the water of a nearby lake or a pond wherein you like to swim or play. The fecal matter of dogs contains coliform bacteria that are as risky as EPA pollutants and is likely to cause a hike in bacteria levels. Further, the increased level of bacteria in the water bodies also end up harming the marine creatures and their environment.
  • Spoils Plants and Lawn Grass: Dog feces is rich in several nutritive materials that can result in noticeable tall grass along with dark green spots on your lawn. If left for a long time, the dog poop in your yard can also give rise to brown patches.

Finally, dogs that poop anywhere are unlikely to get an entry into a public area. Many outdoor cafes, parks, and restaurants have stopped the entry of our furry friends, as the dog owners remain careless with the local laws. So, why not be a responsible pet owner and prevent others from suffering from your negligence?

This is all what you can tell the dog owner and get the problem solved. After spotting the neighbor’s dog pooping, you simply knock the door of your neighbor, inform what you have observed, request to pick it up and why, and tell to stop the dog from pooping in your yard.

In most cases, neighbors show their kindness and feel sorry for the act. They also promise to be careful next time. However, not all neighbors would be so kind. Some would just be the opposite. Here are some steps to ensure a smoother mediation in such a case:

  1. Knock the door at the right time. This is the time when both you and the neighbor are cool. Approaching a neighbor after a long working day is a risk, as she or he may be tired. Thus, consider talking on a weekend and in the morning when the peace of mind is ensured to take things easier.
  2. Initiate the communication by sharing some common interests such as how to keep the yard clean and how to avoid tall grass on a lawn. Such useful talk makes a big difference, as it is a concern for both. Then, share your concern about how pooping can be harmful to the full community. Finally, reveal the truth of his or her pet in a polite manner along with how this has affected your life and that of other neighbors. Here, you should say as if you are sharing your concern for that neighbor too. Avoid initiating the talk with the incidence, as that would seem like a non-caring complaint. Be gentle. Do not threaten, blame, or accuse the pet owner or the pet.
  3. Now, share some solutions for this problem and finally ask her or his suggestions as well.

That’s it! Doing so allows you to express yourself comfortably without any fear or suspicion and get the issue fix without any conflict with the neighbor.

Usually, the main reason why the dog of your neighbor poops on your lawn is to get rid of cleaning it. The true interest of that neighbor is in the ease and convenience of not scooping the poop or taking the pet to a suitable defecation position by walking a few meters.

However, there could be other reasons as well, such as no awareness about the local leash laws when on someone else’s property or the useful doggy bags. In that case, you can make them comprehend their importance and the dangers of not following or using them. For this, just refer to the next section.

How Do I Keep My Neighbor’s Dog from Pooping in My Yard?

puppy at the yard

Is it so that your neighbor is not bothered to hear you? Okay, although extremely annoying, there is no need to fight and argue with your neighbor. If such an incident is now a habitual act of insolence, you need to take control of it.

It is now time to think of some other effective ways to keep your neighbor’s dog stay away from your garden, lawn, or yard. Initially, you may have to experiment in a few ways.

You also may end up following more than one way to ensure a complete halt. Following are some ways to stop the neighbor’s dog from pooping the next time:

Provide Doggy Bags to Pet Owners or Dog Walkers

If your neighbors who are pet owners are just not ready to negotiate, consider giving them a doggy bag using which they can easily scoop the waste matter when they walk with their dogs. It is becoming for them to forget carrying these bags. However, they should put these bags next to the leash at home.

With this method, the neighbors will have no excuses for going away from a smelly pile on your yard. You may even buy a cheap plastic trash bin and cover it with these bags and put a message “Take your dog bag from here. It is free.” This can make on take the benefit of your kind hospitality quickly.

No disputes and no poop; isn’t it a great solution?

poop detergent

Use a Dog Poop Deterrent

This method aims to keep the neighbor’s dogs away from having a bowel movement on your lawn. Dogs with great senses of smell and hearing can easily as well as instantly detect any signal of trouble. So, why not take the benefit of their nature to repel them? This is where you need a dog poo deterrent.

A few effective dog deterrents are mothballs, water sprayers for gardens, motion-activated watering systems, and repelling plants that will not hurt dogs, such as citrus and rue.

Tactically positioning one or more motion-activated devices in the spots that the neighbor’s dog tends to visit frequently. You can consider using motion-based sprinklers, ultrasonic repellents, or flashing light devices. Most dogs will not go further with sudden bright light or annoying noise.

In case of a motion-activated ultrasonic device, installing is a breeze, as you only need to push the post into the ground. It is only activated when a person or a dog enters into the area that the integrated infrared sensor covers. This distance of animal movement is usually around 30 feet. These devices are solar-powered to keep the cord issue at bay, fully-adjustable, and weather-proof.

Even motion-activated sprinklers function similarly in terms of motion detection. However, the light or sound is replaced by a short and robust water boom for the trespassing dogs. They are better than the idea of hiding in the garden with your hose or making your regular sprinkler work for several hours.

There are even commercial and homemade dog repellents. The former ones are usually in liquid form and work well only with a few dogs. Homemade repellents using citrus oils and hot peppers can also be effective.

No matter which repellent is chosen, you will have a dog poop repellent lawn if you choose and set it wisely.

Add a Barrier

This is a universal method to keep the neighbor’s dog away from your front yard. However, it will require some digging both into the ground and wallet. Following are the barriers to consider around your house:

  • Fences: There are a lot of options here. You can choose a permanent fence surrounding your lawn (labor-intensive), a portable fence as a psychological deterrent but not for confining your own dog, and a decorative fence. The latter is safer and stronger than a portable or a free-standing fence. Depending on the type of fence you choose, you get the option to mount onto the concrete surface or into the soil. Many householders complain that neighbor’s dogs reach their yard via big holes below the fences. In this case, it is best to include some weighty and tall substance or locks. If there are big holes close to the fences that the dog of your neighbor has made, it is wise to block them quickly.
  • Displeasing Borders: Consider placing a thorny plant, such as rose bush, gooseberry, raspberry, and Japanese barberry to make up the protective border of your front yard or wherever the neighbor’s dog is entering. Doing so not only resists any four-legged trespasser but also adds charm to your terrain. Berries will also give you nutritious fruits once a year. Another idea is to remove some grass on your lawn to have a bare and broad border that you can then fill with something that can demotivate the dog to hop over in. These things can be sharp pine cones or crushed seashells.

Place Warning Signs

To stop the dog from defecating in your yard, it is wise to put up visible warning signs in front with messages such as “Kindly leash and clean” and “No Trespassing.” Doing so is a polite way to let the dog owner know about your aversions. This will make them more cautious when they come back to walk with the dog around your lawn.

Use Security Cameras

Unsurprisingly, neighbors would deny the fact that their dogs have pooped on your lawn. Consequently, they shall refuse to do the scooping too. In that case, only evidence can come at your rescue. This is exactly why you should install security cameras for collecting the evidence.

Visible security cameras with the tagline of “Monitoring 24/7” in the target area can easily discourage the neighbors who do not mind their dogs pooping on your property. They can even repel burglars.

Such a video acts as strong evidence against rude and unheeding neighbors. Even neighbors that are hostile to you will soften their attitude and stop their dogs from random defecation.

Consult Animal Control Authorities

At times, despite making several efforts, it still remains challenging to stop the dog of your neighbor from excreting on your lawn. In this situation, you should consult your nearby animal control authorities and share the details such as your neighborhood name, the frequency of dog found in your yard, and whether the same issue is what other neighbors are experiencing.

Once a few complaints are received, the local authorities shall monitor your neighborhood and resolve the issue.

Is There a Law about Dog Poop?

dog poop law

Recognizing the potential health risks and trouble that dog waste tends to cause, several countries and states have their laws for fixing the issue. Known as the pooper scooper laws, the directive specifies that all pet owners must clean the feces put by their dogs on any private or public property, including yards and sidewalks.

In simple words, you should take care of your dog’s poop. Someone else will not tolerate the effect of what your pet has done. The law is likely to vary from one state to another. Still, overall, it is considered unlawful to let your pet poop on anybody else’s property.

A few metropolises have stringent laws that require a pet owner to have a poop bag when out with the dog. The owner just cannot take any plastic garbage bag and use it for disposing the poop.

In some states, animal control regulations require the owners to constrain their pets when out in a public area. This is because it is the responsibility of the owners to stop their dogs from pooping on someone else’s yard.

In nations such as the Netherlands, people who leave their pets as trespassers and let them poop on other’s lawn are likely to end up paying a heavy three-digit fine. It is trespassing when a dog of your neighbor enters your yard without your consent.

Although the trespass laws are likely to differ from one state to another, the general indicators are unauthorized entry (without permission and regardless of what the dog knew) on your property and harm to the right of possession by damaging the land.

Thus, in these cases, the dog owners are likely to be held responsible for the repair cost. This will then motivate them to keep their dogs away from your lawn. Thus, you can sue the neighbor for the illicit deed of her or his pet.

Thus, it is rational to find and comprehend the local regulations regarding the dog poop problems prior to handling the neighbor’s dog. For this, you may approach a local attorney or police.

How about Taking a Revenge?

Okay, you may want to take a revenge such as mailing the shit to your neighbor, throw the poop into her or his lawn, or harming the dog.


Taking a revenge can put you into legal troubles. It is better to be humane while resolving the issue.

Is It Ok to Let Your Dog Poop in Someone’s Yard?

It is ok, as long as you pick the poop of your dog, which is an etiquette rule.

Is It Illegal to Have Your Dog Poop in Your Yard Ohio?

The state of Ohio has no common pooper scooper law followed across its cities. It allows them to make their own laws related to pooper scooper. Most cities have rules that take a penalty from pet owners who refuse to clean once their dogs poop on someone else’s property.

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