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Adorable Husky Throws a Fit Over Empty Water Bowl

Adorable Husky Throws a Fit Over Empty Water Bowl

Who doesn’t love dogs? If you don’t love dogs, we’re assuming you’ve never met one or are devoid of human emotion (just kidding).

For those that are fond of dogs and have the good fortune of being their parents, dogs are like their own babies. 

There’s a reason dog owners refer to their pets as their babies, just like babies, they love being held, cuddled, and given continuous attention. And just like babies, they begin to whine and howl at the slightest inconvenience from their parents!

Zeus was an 11-year-old Siberian Husky that originally went viral through videos posted by his dog mom on the YouTube channel “Zeus the Stubborn Husky”. 

The videos quickly became a hit as people gushed and awww’d over his adorable stubbornness. 

In this video, Zeus can be seen standing with both his front feet inside an empty water bowl. His mom calmly asks him to get out of the water bowl so she can refill the empty dish. 

Zeus throws in a couple of howls and cries to make his point before stepping out of the water bowl. It doesn’t end there, while Zeus’ mom washes and refills the bowl, he delivers a few more dramatic cries, looking as betrayed as ever! 

Just to be clear, Zeus has other water bowls around the house and the only reason this one is empty is that he drank all the water five minutes ago. But that doesn’t stop this adorable furbaby from whining and pacing at his little feeding station until the refilled water bowl is right in front of him.


It’s a good thing that just like babies, dogs are so darn cute that their little tantrums are no biggie! Zeus the Stubborn Husky crossed the rainbow bridge in November of last year. Here’s to remembering this beautiful, adorably stubborn furbaby! 

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