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4 Ways on How to Stop a Dog from Rolling in Poop (Step-by-step Guide)

4 Ways on How to Stop a Dog from Rolling in Poop (Step-by-step Guide)

Why do dogs play with their poop? Dogs love entertaining themselves, especially when they are alone. They tend to play with a lot of things to amuse themselves.

They love playing with slippers, toys, cushion, remote controls and other things that catch their attention. Dogs sometimes play with their poop out of boredom. It is a common behavior, especially for puppies. It may be an unpleasant thing for us, but it is something that any dog will go through as he grows up.

According to the experts, reacting alarmingly towards dog actions may lead to more harm than good. Therefore, we, as dog owners, must know the proper way on how to deal with this behavior. It is essential to address this behavior appropriately and promptly. Honestly, other animals do the same thing while they are young.

So, how to stop a dog from rolling in poop? To begin, we should not be alarmed when we see our dogs rolling on poop. Experts said that it might lead to behavioral problems.

We should also know that if a dog is left alone for a long time, he may fight his boredom by rolling and playing on his poop. It can also be his way to get extra attention from us. There’s a lot of reasons why dogs love rolling in poop. You may take time to read this article to help you overcome this behavior.

As much as possible, we would not want to come home to a smelly dog with poop all over his body. Fortunately, we can combat this problem with different things that can catch their attention. We provided a list of actions that dog owners can implement to encourage their pets into stopping this behavior.

4 Expert Tips to Stop a Dog from Rolling on Poop

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  • Spend enough time with your dog.

Nowadays, every dog owner seems to be very busy to take care of their dogs. By just means, making time for them is a significant responsibility as a dog owner. However, we can still be great dog owners by exerting enough effort on our part. We should develop a routine or a regular schedule for taking our dogs out for a walk or play with them. We should spend 10 minutes a day doing something fun with them with undivided attention. This way, all of us can meet our dogs’ need for attention. Enough attention makes a dog content and at ease.

  • Choose the best and right toys for your dog.

We all know that toys help dogs fight their boredom. These products also provide comfort, especially when they are feeling nervous. According to experts, toys can also prevent dogs from rolling in poop and developing other unpleasant behaviors. However, we should be very picky when it comes to their toys. We must ensure their safety first before combating their unpleasant behavior. As a dog owner, be sure that his toys are appropriate for his size. Huge breeds can swallow small toys and become trapped in their throats. Additionally, do not choose toys that might break into pieces.

  • Give your dog enough exercise.

It is essential to establish enough exercise for your dog. However, the amount of exercise depends on the size of your dog. Small breeds need less exercise than large breeds. Be aware that some large breeds don’t need too much exercise, as well. You can aim at least 30-60 minutes of exercise every day. Your dog can do a variety of indoor or outdoor exercise like running, walking, swimming, throwing toys, and obstacle courses. You can also take him to the park to play and romp around other dogs. This way, your day will come home happy and healthy at the same time. Additionally, it can also alleviate his boredom so you can say goodbye to your poop problem.

  • Crate train your dog.

Crate training gives your dog a personal space to rest and hide. It is beneficial for dog owners since crate training prevents dogs from pooping on the floor and play with it. The purpose of a crate is to keep him tucked when we cannot supervise them. So, we must still give him time to play around outside since staying inside the crate for a long time might have a negative impact on their behavior.

How to Stop a Dog from Rolling in Poop (Step-by-step Guide)

After a long time of research, I finally gathered enough information to help every dog owner regarding their dogs’ unpleasant behavior. The following steps will stop dogs from rolling on their poop when their owners are around or not around. We break down the process into simple steps so everyone can understand the procedure quickly. With this step-by-step guide, you can finally stop your dog from rolling in poop.

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Step 1. Put smelly things around your dog’s spot.

Keep any stinky or smelly things around his spot. I put a leash on my dog and take him near the stinking heap.

Step 2.  Command your dog.

When my dog goes near the heap once he smelled it, I immediately command him by saying things like “No” and “Leave it” in a loud and clear manner. Afterwards, I take my dog away from it.

Step 3. Give him a treat.

Every time my dog turns away from it after I said “leave it”, I give him a treat to help him keep up the right behavior.

Step 4. Keep practicing with a leash.

I continued to train my dog to turn away from his poop and other smelly things with his leash on and treat him with his favorite meal every time he follows my command.

Step 5. Remove the leash.

If he managed to follow my command to turn away with a leash, I started to train him to turn away on his own (without a leash).

Step 6. Keep commanding your dog to turn away.

Whenever I see my dog going near to the heap, I command him to leave it. If my dog fails, I distract him by taking him away from the heap.

Step 7. Train them for weeks.

I make time to train my dog for consecutive weeks. Afterward, I observed him if he turns away from his poop voluntarily without my command. Every time he turns away, I give him his favorite treat, play with him or show him that he is doing well.

Training our dogs to stop rolling in poop must come with love, care, and patience. It will take time for them to learn that rolling in poop is not appropriate.

We should always remember not to be harm while we are training them. Sometimes, dogs will not listen to our commands if they feel any strong negative emotions. Putting an end to their unpleasant behavior will benefit not only your pet’s health but also everyone in your family. You may visit this link to have a broader knowledge about your dog question.

In conclusion, the essential keys in stopping your dog from rolling in poop are delicious treats and patience. So, what’s your plan to stop your dog from rolling in poop? Let us know in the comment section below!



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