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3 (Simple Ways) On How To Soften Dog Food At Home

3 (Simple Ways) On How To Soften Dog Food At Home

Whether your dog has fragile teeth or it goes through a medical issue that makes its teeth sensitive, chances are you will need to switch to soft food. But what happens if your dog’s diet? What happens if you cannot find soft food that meets its requirements?

On the other hand, some male dogs can be quite picky. If they are used to canned dog food, they will not find kibbles too appealing. Sure, dry food is much cheaper than wet food, but your old dog refuses it.

All in all, whether it comes to a medical condition or your dog is too picky, Should I soak my dog’s dry food? There are a few ingenious ways to trick your little one into eating the right food – you have to do it right. Here are a few tips and ideas.

What Happens When Dogs Cannot Eat Dry Food?

Dry dog food hit the market in the 19th century. It is rich in nutrients and has a long shelf life. Most dogs like it, but this is not always the case.

As dogs age, their teeth tend to become more sensitive – just like in people. As a direct consequence, eating dry food will cause all kinds of painful sensations.

The same rule applies to dogs with bad teeth – whether they have suffered from affection or they were just unlucky. If they miss teeth or they have cracked dog’s teeth, dry food will be quite painful.

There are also situations when you might need to switch from can food to dry food. Many types of medical or diet food are dry. If your dog is used to can pet food, it will most likely reject dry food. Plus, wet food is not as dense as dry food, while the price will skyrocket your expenses.

Luckily, you do have options – moistening your dog’s dry kibble is one of them. So, How do you moisten dry dog food?



Is it OK To Add Water To Dry Dog Food/Wet Dog Food? Without It To Tell The Difference?

There are several ways to soften dog food – choose the most convenient one.

Using Water

Adding some water is the easiest way to soften dry food. If your dog has painful sensations when eating it, water will change this issue. Kibbles are porous. They are like cereals. When you add water, they absorb it and go soft. Eventually, you will end up with nothing but mush.

Serve the food to your dog as it is. Most pieces will still manage to maintain their shape. They will get a bit larger, though, but this is it. The best part is your dog will not have to put out so much force to chew them. If your older dog is too old and soft kibbles are still problematic, you can use a fork to smash the soft food and come up with a smooth result.

Using Canned Food

Laso Apso is getting a cookie as reward

If there are no pains, but your dog is just picky after switching from canned food due to dietary issues, you can trick your furry friend into eating dry food by mixing some food in.

According to Vet Chick, you can come up with some delicious meals, but make sure the canned puppy food follows the same dietary requirements. You might want to double-check with a vet upfront.

Some manufacturers create the same food or dog biscuits in different versions – both wet and dry. You can also get the canned version of the kibbles you already have – the same brand, same type, and requirements.

The problem is that canned food does not have so many nutrients. There is nothing wrong with it – you only use it for the flavor and aroma anyway. Replace a bit of dry food with about twice as much wet food. The juices will also soften the kibbles, fooling your dog. If you need the food even softer, add a few spoons of water.

Using Milk

You can both soften kibbles and add some extra flavor by using milk. According to Pet Lab House, milk makes a great alternative to water. The bone broth is also accepted – use some low sodium alternative.

You should, however, go through all the ingredients up front. Stick to the natural broth, as additives and chemicals can harm your furry friend. Natural beef or chicken broth will do the trick.

Warm up the broth for a few minutes, then spread it around the bowl and mix. Give the food a little time to absorb all the liquid and soften dry dog food. Your senior dog will love it.

When it comes to milk, the best part is you also give your dog a boost of calcium and vitamins. Most dogs love milk anyway, so why not?

Dry bone-shaped dog food in a bowl, some biscuits spilled beside

Why Soften Dog Food

Apart from the obvious reasons – a picky dog that must be tricked or dental problems, softening dog solid food comes with a few other benefits that should be overlooked.

  • Soft food is more comfortable to digest because it takes acids, essential fatty acids, omega 3 fatty acid less time to soften and dissolve it. Therefore, sweet food is better for digestion.
  • Soaking dry food will keep your dog hydrated, as it boosts the water intake.
  • It is just as good for improving circulation.
  • Dogs naturally find soft food more delicious than dry food, so you get to keep your little friend happy without spending a fortune on canned food.
  • It can prevent affections caused by dehydration.

Final Words

As a dog owner, a few tricks and a little attention to detail will transform your pet’s dry food into a soft meal that they cannot refuse. They will love the mix. The best part is that you do not need to eliminate too much dry food from their diets – high if they suffer from any affections.

You do not have to be a vet to learn if Should I soften my puppy’s food?. Use one of the methods mentioned above and give the new food 15 to 30 minutes to soften.

It may also be a good idea to start with water, then alternate between canned food, milk, and beef broth to keep your dog excited about a new taste.

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