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3 Simple Pointers to Consider in Making Your Dog’s Feet Smelling Fresh

3 Simple Pointers to Consider in Making Your Dog’s Feet Smelling Fresh

As a person, I consider myself a very self-conscious individual. I am particularly so conscious of my hygiene. One of the necessary ‘red flags’ or “big no-no’s” in taking care of my body is the way I smell: my overall odor. For me, as long as you smell good (though you have not taken a shower for days)- you have the right to mingle comfortably with other people.

I have the same mentality when it comes to dog care. No matter how adorable your dog is, but your mutt has an undesirable odor (such as smelly feet); sorry, your dog will never be that ‘attractive’ for my standards. Here are three necessary matters you have to consider while making your dog paws smelling fresh. These minute details can be of great help in taking proper care for our dogs. Limited knowledge, I do agree, can be very dangerous; that is why everybody has the right to do their additional research for more detailed information.

First pointerUnderstanding Why Your Dog Paws Bear the Smell of Your Favorite Corn Chips

Pets are just like us, and it is only natural that pet odor exists and very common. Thus, your pet odor is just typical. However, unless it is native, like skunks with their powerful signature scent. A pungent odor for your pet or your dog particularly; may mean something not-so-good, or unusual. It may be a sign of infection or disease)- but it is not always the case.

Nonetheless, before you cram your way to your friendly dog doctor; you might as well continue reading this article. Technically, you do not have to worry that much regarding your dog paws’ corn chip-like smell. Even in healthy animals, fungi and bacteria may reside on their skin or furs.

They come in contact with these microscopic entities as they walk their way on the ground. This particular smell can also be amplified by the combination of these microbes and their saliva as they often lick their paws.

Scientifically speaking, the presence of Pseudomonas or Proteus bacteria is the leading reason why dog paws have this type of yeasty smell. The tendency of the dog’s sweat stuck in its furs or hairs, and trapped in between paws can generate a foul stench.

This odor can be considerably worse than the average smell of your corn chips. I love the scent of the combination of cheese and corn. But smelling these delectable scents outside their contexts is a big turnoff personally. That is why I see to it that I understand why this is happening to my dog in the very first place.

In order this smell in check, you can trim hairs in between paw pads so that there is no way that the combination of sweat and bacteria will stay in these places. Even though not an expert, you can easily do this by placing your thumb between these segments, spreading these crevices apart. Carefully trim these hairs using your handy clippers, then give your dog a warm bath to complete this hygienic routine.

nervous girl showing her tongue , her dog has pooped,peeded itself

Second Pointer: Smelly Dog Paws Maybe a Sign of a Health Issue

The first pointer is one creative way of saying that we dog lovers do not have to panic when our noses smell something ‘cheesy and corny’ coming out from our lovely canine friends’ paws. Nonetheless, we must consider consulting our trusted pet doctors if our dogs show these visible physical manifestations:

  • When you observe that there is a change in the way your dog walks (limping).
  • There is/are noticeable wounds, moisture, and drainage from the surface of the skin.
  • You can noticeably see broken, fragmented or peeling toenails while in between segments of the paw, evident inflammation, bumps and swellings are present.
  • Fur loss and skin redness should immediately send a signal or two. It that can indicate that what you smell may be a sign of something not-so-good brewing under your nose.

If proper canine hygiene is not checked after all; a possibility of fungal and bacterial contamination may occur in our dogs’ paws. Aside from emitting a foul smell, fungal or bacterial infection may affect our dogs’ health, and this occurrence can be painful for our trusted mongrels. Just like humans, our smell can also be affected by the food we eat. This also goes the same with our pets, and our dog’s diet can be an added factor regarding how they smell in general.

Third Pointer:  Being a Dog Lover Entails a Conscious Responsibility

Our trusty dogs are our best friends, and as responsible pet owners; we should take a special attitude. Taking care of them should go beyond our fondness with them and the way we make sure they are well-fed and well-hydrated. Like humans, our dogs have basic and specials needs as well. Some expert dog doctors advised that (since these mutts have been domesticated since time immemorial) aside from avoiding them to have a corn chips smell in their paws, overall health assessment should be provided for our furry friends.

It is just like us taking our annual physical examinations to ensure we are on tip-top shape and form regarding our health. Taking care of our dogs is not just any usual discipline- it can also be  considered as an art.

Starting from giving a sense of ownership for your pet by giving them names; there are simple, yet effective workarounds that we should follow in terms of taking care of our dogs.

If we consider these mongrels as ‘family dogs’ – showing them great care and love, may send a very good signal and impact for our kids in terms of teaching them how to be responsible in taking care of themselves (being hygienic), and at the same time, being accountable for the welfare of their relatives and friends (going beyond their pets).

From resolving dog paws with corn chip-like smell to their overall welfare, showing great love for our dogs can teach us priceless values that may leave a positive impact for the whole family.

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