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6 Effective Ways on How to Massage Gas Out of Dog

6 Effective Ways on How to Massage Gas Out of Dog

It’s not uncommon for dogs to have upset stomachs “bowel obstruction”, which is why it would be very helpful for every dog owner to learn how to massage gas out of the dog. Gas in dogs is normally harmless, but excessive gas can be disturbing.

In cases when the dog cannot release the gas on their own, build-up happens. That is when they need help from their owners on how to release their gas “gastric dilatation””, which is where a good dog massage comes in.

6 Ways to Massage Dog with Gas and for Overall Health

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Gas in dogs can be caused by a lot of various things. The gas build-up in dogs might be caused by bacterial fermentation of the nutrients in their food or in most cases, dogs swallowing a lot of air. Whatever might be caused by the gas build-up in dogs, massaging certain parts of their body will help release the gas as well as alleviate the discomfort it’s causing them.

In some cases, when dogs experience dog gas build-up in their bodies, it might not just be about gas being stuck in their systems. It can also be caused by being tense, experiencing soreness, or having anxiety which prevents them from being relaxed. Massaging them in specific areas can have the same or varied benefits to dogs.

  1. Head

The easiest and simplest way to massage the dogs with gas is to scratch them in the head. The simple scratch in the head for dogs can give them incredible benefits, especially to their stomachs, which is helpful when they have gas. Massaging on the pressure points near their eyes is especially associated with providing relief in their gallbladder, bladder, and dog’s stomach.

Massaging the dog’s head also benefits their nervous system.

  1. Ears

The ears of the dogs are one of the parts of their body that will most closely relate to their anxiety levels and stress. Giving good and gracious attention to the dog’s ears will help eliminate the stress they are experiencing or their overall fatigue as well.

Massaging the ears of the dogs as well as their ear flaps will relax them and help shake up their whole body.

  1. Back

Patting the dog on the back is not just a simple gesture of affection. It can have excellent benefits for their health too. With a simple massage on their backs, we can help combat their hyperactivity and restlessness. And aside from an increased comfort the dog can feel when we massage their backs, it can also help improve their stomach health, which helps when they have gas “dog’s gas”.

  1. Hind Legs

Massaging the hind legs of dogs greatly helps with improving their physical activity. Relieving this part of their body is important when it comes to increasing their range of motion as well as their overall flexibility.

Especially when massaging the dog’s pelvic area, which is just right above their hind legs can benefit them in a lot of ways including relaxation and stress relief. It is perfect for improving their digestion, tissue repair, and sleep.

  1. Belly

When the dog is having some digestive issues or has gas, one of the best body parts to focus when giving them a massage is the belly area. Patting their belly gently will help their upset stomach muscles to relax, which helps relieve themselves when they have gas.

Regular belly massage on dogs will also benefit them in the long run. It will help them cut down on gas and reduce the risk of bloating “bloat”.

  1. Whole Body

If massaging specific parts of the dog’s body doesn’t help when they are bloated “dog bloat”, we could always go with giving them the whole body rub. Whole-body massage will provide tons of benefits to dogs, both in relieving them from gas and for their overall health.

Overall massage for dogs especially helps with their muscle tension relief “muscle spasm”, blood circulation, helping flush out toxins from their body, and a lot more.

Effective Tips in Massaging Gas Out of Dogs

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A simple belly rub helps, but it might not be enough when the dog is desperate for a gas relief. That can be uncomfortable for dogs, and it might give them tension and stress in the process, which is why it is important to learn the proper way on how to massage gas out of the dog.

While there is a proper way to massage dogs to help them relieve their gas problems, we don’t have to be experts or vet “Veterinarian” to do it.

  • Start Massage Gradually and Slowly

Especially when a body massage is new to dogs, it is ideal for easing them into it at first to avoid them getting overwhelmed or tense even more. Rubbing their body or certain parts in their body lightly and slowly will help them feel more relaxed. Slow but long strokes are the most soothing kind of massage that is perfect to start with.

When the dogs start closing their eyes, give a soothing sigh, or pass gas after some time, these are excellent indications that they are relaxed.

  • Apply Just the Right Pressure

Just like in humans, the pressure of the massage is important to whether the dogs will start to relax or feel even more agitated than before. The pressure should be light, just enough to move their skin but not too hard that it moves the dog’s muscles.

While deep tissue massage can have a lot of benefits to dogs, it can also be painful when not done right. It would be best to leave this kind of dog massage to the experts. When it only to help relieve gas in dogs, a light pressure massage should do just fine.

  • Use a Rhythmic Movement When Massaging Dogs

Aside from pressure, the hand movement is equally as important when giving massages to dogs to help them relieve the gas in their systems. A rhythmic movement is ideal. The easiest way to do this is to use breathing counts for massage strokes. It would also help the dog even further if both hands are used in massaging them.

Dog massage has countless benefits. Aside from helping them relax when they are uncomfortable and agitated, it also helps them find relief when they are bloated or has gas build-up in their body. Plus, learning how to stomach massage gas out of the dog is not only for that cause as it also helps improve their overall health