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Brilliant Tips on How to make dog’s coat shiny and healthy

Brilliant Tips on How to make dog’s coat shiny and healthy

Dogs are most people’s favorite pet. They are innocent, loyal, adorable and the most loving creatures on Earth. Petting, cuddling and playing with their soft lustrous coat is sheer bliss. As a pup parent, it is your responsibility to make sure that your dearest dog is hale and healthy.

Dog’s skin and coat are the perfect indicators of its health

The best way to gauge a dog’s overall wellbeing is by its skin and soft coat. Do keep an eye on the following pointers:

  • Lifeless fur: Do your pup’s silky fur look dull all of sudden? Are you witnessing any colour change?
  • Dry hair: Do your pet’s hair appear dry? Do the tangles make grooming difficult?
  • Bad odour: A healthy dog is deprived of unpleasant odour. Bad skin odour is also an indication of underlying unhealthy conditions
  • Noticeable clumps, flakes and greasy skin
  • Too much of hair loss

These are the clear indicators of underlying diseases, presence of parasites and the worst grooming. Healthy skin should be loose-limbed and clear. Likewise, a super healthy coat should be smooth, silky and shiny. Even humans often have bad hair day. However, it is more complicated when your pup has itchy skin and lackluster coat.

7 amazing tips to keep your dog’s coat silky, healthy and lavish:

Holding English Bulldog puppy

With the following tips, you can keep your buddy’s fur shiny and glossy. This makes it easy for you to run your fingers through your pup without confronting knotted and dry fur.

Look what they eat:

What you eat matters. Holds true with the dogs too! This Nutritious food is indispensable to retain and restore healthy skin and coat. A study states that around 30% of the dog’s protein intake goes to its fur and skin. So, greater the protein intake, healthier is its coat. No matter whether you are giving your pooch a raw, wet or dry food, make sure that it is rightly balanced with all the nutrients the pup needs. Raw eggs keep your dog’s skin shiny and great! It is better to avoid corn, wheat and soy as they may cause skin allergies and also they have less nutrition value.

Include omega fatty acids:

Puppies that are fed low-fat diets develop dry and coarse hair, followed by frequent scratching. The great way to add extra gloss to your dog’s coat is by including omega fatty acids in your fur baby’s diet. Look out for dog’s food that is enriched with omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Fish oil, flaxseed oil, sunflower oil and rapeseed oil are the greatest source of fatty acids. Adding a spoon of this to your dog’s food can do wonders to its coat.

Also, you can look for supplements in the form of chew tablets, enhanced with vegetable oils in your nearest pet store. The fatty acids effect is not instantaneous. It may take around six weeks for the fatty acids to work on your dog’s skin and to restore its super soft, lavish texture. However, make sure to provide your pup with the supplements in moderation. As too much can lead to diarrhea.

Herbal supplements for the goodness of your pooch’s skin:

Sometimes, your dog needs extra nourishment to add shine and glow to its coat. Horsetail is an amazing supplement rich in silica. It helps to keep your pooch’s coat and bone healthy. Spirulina enriched with carotenoids and vitamin B is also beneficial to your pup’s coat. If you intend to provide them supplements, have a talk with your veterinarian regarding the dosage.

Groom regularly:

It doesn’t matter whether your pooch has a normal fur or a bit long fur, grooming the dog’s coat once in two days is imperative. Brushing the dog’s fur scraps off the dead skin and hair. It also enhances the growth of hair follicles and increases the secretion of essential skin oils. In addition to brushing, practice de-shedding. This lets the loose fur fall down, making the coat appear nicer.

Opt for all-natural shampoo:

Using your own shampoo and conditioner on your buddy smells awesome. However, shampoos used by humans are not rightly balanced for a dog’s coat. The breed of the dogs and their personal needs influences the bathing schedule. Some dogs need weekly bathing, whereas some others are blessed with the coat that needs to be shampooed once in a few months.

If your pup suffers a dry skin, look for shampoos that have Aloe Vera, hypoallergenic substances, Vitamin E or oatmeal in them. You can look for Shine boosting shampoos that are rich in vitamins and minerals. The easiest thing to do is set up Oatmeal bathtub for Dog walking with owneryour dog. Wash your pooch in a tub of lukewarm water containing finely grounded oatmeal for 10-15 minutes. It magically cures itching.

Coconut Oil treatment:

Coconut oil is an excellent natural moisturizer, not only for humans but also for the adorable dogs. Coconut oil helps to fight infection and keep your pooch’s coat extra shiny. Gently massage your pup’s coat with a few drops of coconut oil after a bath, so that the moisture gets locked in their skin. Intake of one teaspoon of coconut oil per day works great on your dog’s coat and also enhances digestion. It is a great idea to arrange for a professional grooming session once in a while.

Treat with Baking soda and Epsom salts:

Does your dog suffer itching from time to time? Try this magical baking soda treatment in the home. Sprinkle baking soda all over the body of your pup. It not only relieves itching but also treats sunburn and keeps the dog devoid of parasites. Rubbing the coat of dog with Baking soda-vinegar mix makes it clean, soft and shiny.

Final Words:

Even after following all the above-mentioned tips, are you still baffled on why your canine’s coat isn’t glimmering? Then, it is the time to fix an appointment with your vet since the issue might be deeper than you think. Parasites like roundworm, hookworm, ticks and fleas infection, Kidney and thyroid issues can drain your pup of all the essential nutrients for a hale and shiny skin. Certain bacterial and fungal infections can cause an unpleasant musky odour emerging from the dog’s coat, which remains even after it was bathed multiple times. An Unhealthy coat can lead to anxiety and stress.

Thus, routine care and love make your pup’s coat soft, lavish and healthy!

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