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5 Ways to Consider on How to Get Ants out of Dog Food

5 Ways to Consider on How to Get Ants out of Dog Food

Dogs are always fun to feed. Aside from playing with these animals, they also behave in alluring ways while feeding them. Moreover, these animals also measure how much you value them through the food that they receive.

I make sure my dog gets enough food every day. Regardless if I’m out of the house or in, I never forget to give him food. Sometimes, I spend a little time with him as he eats because it’s my way to show my affection.

When it comes to the food that my dog eats, I also assure that it’s fit for his health. It’s a good thing that he’s enjoying what I’m giving. The only downside is that the ants seem to enjoy it as well. It makes it hassle on my part because I can’t let him eat it without getting rid of the pests.

Sometimes, it’s causing me more money because I have to replace the dog food from time to time because of the ants. On the brighter side, there’s a better way than replacing stocks.

Getting Rid of Ants: Preparing the Necessary Items

It’s inevitable to keep ants out of foods, regardless if it’s for humans or animals. The moment you opened the bag, expect these insects to be there if improperly stored. It’s also uneasy for my pet to deal with bites every time I overlook these pests inside his food.

There’s a lot of wastage because of ants. However, there are ways on how to get ants out of dog food, without spending too much. I saved a lot of money after considering this way, and here’s what I needed to prepare:

  • Hand Vacuum
  • Lidded Plastic Tote
  • Shallow Plastic Container (Large)
  • Corn Starch
  • Rubber Gloves

Step-by-Step Ways on How to Get Rid of Ants on Dog Foods

how to get ants out of dog food

Removing ants out of dog foods is not as difficult as what I thought it would be. Here are easy steps on how I removed these insects from my pet’s treat.

  1. Use the large plastic container. I used the pot and poured the contents of my pet’s food. It’s highly suggested to look for an under-the-bed-type of storage. What’s important is that it should be hefty enough to spread the food out evenly. It made it easier to examine it until I see the ants moving.
  2. Put the corn starch. After I spread the dog food out into the large container, I sprinkled a layer of corn starch above. This food ingredient is advisable for animals because it’s guaranteed safe. Moreover, it’s practical to use this starch because it’s deadly to any insect, especially to ants. Once these insects ingested it, it’ll be easier for removal.
  3. Retain the corn starch for hours.  I let the corn starch remain on top of the dog food for an hour or two. The ants will ingest it until each insect dies. Right after, I picked as many dead ants as I can. I also used a pair of rubber gloves for sanitization. It’s mandatory to use gloves, but it’s better to wear ones to secure food safety.
  4. Use a hand vacuum. After removing the dead ants, I used a hand vacuum on top of my pet’s food to remove the corn starch. This device also removed some of the remaining ants on the dog food. It’s crucial to use a hand-sized vacuum because large or regular-sized ones may suck up both the starch and the food.
  5. Use a lidded plastic tote. Another essential way to keep ants from entering the dog food is to keep it in a lidded plastic tote. I stored my dog’s ant-free food in a lidded container to protect it from ants. Furthermore, keeping it in a lidded container will also keep it away from other insects.

Other Trouble-Free Ways to Keep Ants Out of Dog Foods

Aside from the corn starch way, I also have alternative ideas on how to keep ants from messing with my dog’s treats.

  • Disrupting the Ant Trail with Cleaning Materials – One inexpensive way on how I kept ants away from my pet’s food bowl is through trail disruption. I disturbed the ant trail to throw these insects off the dog food’s scent. I also placed a placemat under my pet’s bowl and washed it with soap and water to remove the crumbs. Also, I use a cleanser to wipe the ant trail.
  • Spraying Peppermint Oil – Another effective way to prevent ants from most places around the house is by using peppermint oil. I mixed a cup of water and peppermint oil into a spray bottle and sprayed near return vents. The scent will disrupt these insects. Moreover, I poured a few oil drops on a cotton ball, and I wiped on surfaces near the ants’ entry-area.
  • Making a Moat around the Food Bowl – The most hassle-free way I did to stop ants from reaching my dog’s food bowl is by making a moat around it. I bought an aluminum baking dish from the nearest store and placed the food container in the middle of it. Afterward, I put enough water to make a moat. It’s an effective way to prevent ants because the insects hate water.

There are numerous ways on how to prevent ants from ruining a dog’s appetite. Some may cost a little, while some are cost-effective. What matters is its effectiveness and convenience.

I tried all possible ways to keep ants out of my pet’s food, from the corn starch way to making-a-moat. I use different ways, depending on the situation. The most usual way I do at home is by using corn starch to kill the ants before the removal. Moreover, next to it is by spraying the peppermint oil.

Thanks to these useful hacks, I don’t have to worry about uncontrollable insect bites on my dog’s tongue. Also, there’s no need to worry about my dog’s safety when it comes to the food that my pet ingests.

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