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4 (Ways) On How To Become The Alpha Dog With Your Puppy

4 (Ways) On How To Become The Alpha Dog With Your Puppy

To train your puppy to be obedient, you need to make sure that your puppy considers you as an alpha leader or a pack leader/dog pack. To get that dominance over your pup, there are a few exercises that you would have to do.

The characteristics of the dog have a big role to play here. If your dog is submissive behavior then you may be able to dominate it pretty fast. A few dogs, however, are dominant in nature and they challenge you on and off. This is when you have to be firm in order to establish your leadership over it.

Dogs are submissive and they are happy about it. Make sure that you show approval at the occasional signs when the dog submits. However, also set your dominance when your pup tries to test you.

Most dog owners/pet owner may misinterpret the high energy of their dogs in the adolescent phase to be dominance theory. The dog here is trying to find its limits and not really challenging its owner. As a dog owner, you need to be firm and correct the dog. In case you get into a battle when gaining dominance with your dog then this will end up in your dog distrusting you.

How To Be an Alpha Leader

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Here are a few ways in which you can be an alpha dog with your puppy.

  • Correct your pup but be fair and consistent

Your pup should trust your orders. You need to correct your dog when something it does is wrong. Dogs do not have an associative memory like humans. To get your pup’s trust a good way would be to socialize with your pup.

If you feel that your pup is doing some action that needs correction then correct your dog when you see that it has done that action. Like for example, if you want your Omega dog to not get on your sofa then correct your dog when your dog climbs the sofa.

The idea is to be consistent and if you have family members staying at home then make sure that you all decide on some ground rules for your dog. Every family member should agree to the rules and follow them. This includes what commands you should be using for your pup and what your pup should be and should not be allowed to do. This will ensure that your pup does not get confused.

It is recommended that only one family member trains the pup and is the alpha dog. Try to use the minimum corrections that are necessary.

  • Correct what your dog challenges you for

The dog will mostly start to challenge you in its adolescent phase. It is important that you correct its aggressive behavior/aggression and do not neglect it.

You do not have to be furious. Just make your aggressive dog know that you will not tolerate such behavior or alpha dog behavior.

They should be reminded to not ignore the commands that they already know. This could be like jumping off the car before the orders are given or jumping on the food that you have in your hand.

  • Display the alpha behavior

Displaying alpha behavior is important. You should be familiar with these. What you should remember is to never hurt your dog but to make them understand who the alpha is. This will work best if you stay calm but firm. Always make sure that you use the minimum correction that is needed.

If you use an alpha roll on the dog that is submissive by nature but they disobey you because they do not know what is expected out of them, is bad for your relationship with your dog or wolf/captive wolves.

Also, if you have a dominant dog/dominant behavior and use the alpha role on it but do not give any positive reinforcement then it can distance them from you. Be careful to use the alpha roll/alpha rolling only in a very grave situation. Most dogs will never need it.

Being dominant does not mean that you should fail to understand and read your dog. Being obedient is a two-way street which means that you need to be responsible to your dog the same way as the small dog is responsive to your commands.

  • Insist on well-mannered behavior/behavioral problems

There are some things that you can do which work as an asset to your alpha dominance on your new puppy.

This, however, does not have to be traumatic. If you use the rules well then you can have a well-mannered dog. You need to put in good behavior where the adult dog stays on hold until you give it an OK to go ahead.

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Like for example:

  • Make it a rule to feed the older dog only after you have had your dinner. They should learn to lie down when you are eating and not sit begging on your lap
  • The dog should be trained/dog training to not crowd through the doorway and be ahead of you
  • The dog should not get out of the car until you give it a signal

Your Dog Should Listen To Everyone Who Is There In The Family

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This is important. Your dog should obey each and every family member. You need to ensure that this happens and this can be done by backing your family member when they ask the dog to do something.

If the family member/pack members are young or scared of the dog then their interactions with the submissive dog have to be supervised by you.


Most dogs or new dog are still babies until they reach two or three years of their age. You should not confuse their physical and mental maturity.

Being alpha does not mean that you need to punish your dog. An alpha leader has to be fair and be in a position that he deserves.

To maintain this alpha male/alpha position one does not have to use punishment or fear. An alpha leader has to make it very clear to the pet dog that they approve of some wolf behaviors and do not approve of others.

An alpha leader should not force but create an image where the beta dog follows his leads.

Mind that if you get furious and angry at your dog then your alpha position is already lost.

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