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How Much Does a French Bulldog Cost Today and Why?

How Much Does a French Bulldog Cost Today and Why?

Have you seen French bulldogs before? Aren’t they the cutest, with their cartoonishly large heads, marble-like eyes, compact bodies, and bat ears? Why are they so cuddly, playful, and affectionate?

They are one of the most popular dog breeds, but how much does a merle french bulldog puppy cost? You’re not the only one to ask.

It hasn’t surprised me in the least that French bulldogs are an expensive breed since breeders put a lot of work and money into their reproduction and growth.

Also, it’s a full-time job as a french bulldog owner to check for any health conditions that they have or may have because they’re a lot. Vet bills can add up faster than your little Frenchie puppy saying woof! Plus, they require a highly nutritious diet to help them grow happily and healthily.

Therefore, it’s pretty clear that there’s a lot to know about this breed. If you’re curious about how much they cost and why then continue reading.

Why Is the French Bulldog So Expensive?

my french bulldog in the beach

The expenses that go into breeding the adorable little french bulldog pup or an English bulldog will make your mouth drop, to say the least. You may think that they’re expensive only because they look cute, but there are many costs and efforts that may or may not succeed.


To begin with, French bulldogs don’t reproduce naturally because of their anatomy. So, a French bulldog breeder/ethical breeder/good breeder will resort to costly stud fees and artificial insemination that may need several attempts for the sake of this popular breed.

Also, pregnant Frenchies have special nutrition requirements and regular health checks, which adds more to the cost than you think.

In addition, pregnant French bulldogs end up undergoing the not-so-cheap C-sections because their puppies have skulls that are relatively large, and female Frenchies have narrower hips and birth canals, which makes natural birth very difficult.


A C-section is tricky because there is a lot of wound healing afterward. Also, since C-sections aren’t natural, a quality french bulldog mother may take a while before she produces milk or feels and acts”maternal” towards her own puppies.

Therefore, a responsible breeder/ backyard breeder may have to take over neglected puppies, hand-feeding, cleaning, and everything. Also, some reputable breeders use Adaptil (DAP) collars to help the bonding process.

Plus, breeders don’t feed French bulldog puppies anything without care. They need highly nutritious food to help them grow, such as fruits, vegetables, and high-quality protein. They can also eat fresh, lean raw meat.

Is Owning a French Bulldog Expensive?

lazy bulldog

Yes. Besides the high cost of buying a Frenchie, there are ownership expenses that you should consider.


Most people know that French bulldogs like Boston terrier have a high price tag but don’t know how much. Most Frenchies cost somewhere between $1500 to $3000 US dollars.
We can feel your mouth drop, but these aren’t even the most expensive ones because the more reputable a reputable breeder is, the higher the price.

A pedigree puppy that is registered by the American Kennel Club and whose parents are known can be quite costly, at $3000 to $4500 on average.

Also, French bulldog puppies that had all the necessary health tests, and are vaccinated and micro-chipped will definitely be more expensive, but they’re worth it because their breeders have put their dogs’ health first. Plus, trained and socialized dogs tend to cost more money on the market.

Yet, we don’t recommend looking for French bulldogs at “affordable” prices, especially in puppy mills or unknown breeders(french bulldog breeder), because their backgrounds tend to be unknown, and there’s a high probability that their breeders didn’t care about their well-being.

However, if you’re looking to rescue an animal shelter French bulldog, that’s a whole other story. Their adoption fees are the most affordable, and it’s for a good cause.

Ownership Expenses

Vet Bills

It’s no secret that the main reason why French bulldogs are expensive to have in the long term is the regular vet visits.

The first year alone of having your French bulldog puppy is the most expensive and may cost around $300 of veterinary care per year. These visits are essential because they ensure that the French bulldog puppy is okay and protect them from illnesses.

First-year of veterinary care for French bulldog colors includes heartworm and flea prevention, de-worming, and vaccinations, depending on what they’re exposed to in their environments.

On the other hand, the annual cost of vet bills for adults is around $150.

Annual Health Checks

An annual health check is a must for all pets. However, there’s an even stronger need for it in French bulldogs. They tend to have a higher risk of health issues of all kinds. So, committing to a yearly appointment can save your dog’s life.

Expect to pay around $150 per year to get your French bulldog annually checked.


These are the necessities that you get your dog, regardless of their breed. Their costs depend on the brands and stores that you purchase them from. However, most French bulldog owners spend $150 as a minimum when they buy their dogs’ supplies for the first time.

The most necessary supplies are grooming and hygiene tools, food and water bowls, toys, beddings, collars, crates, and leashes. You may want to add to them later, but these are the essentials.

Overall, French bulldogs don’t have crazy needs in terms of supplies. Also, they don’t have insane grooming costs like other breeds, which is one of the reasons why people love them.


Training is an essential part of having a dog, whether it’s a French bulldog, Labrador Retriever, or German Shepherd. Some owners/pet owner love to train their dogs themselves. However, you will yield the best results with a professional trainer, which could cost around $1000.

Potty training is the most critical thing you can teach a dog to do; otherwise, you won’t like your house in a very short time. Also, crate training is important, despite what some people believe. Nobody wants their puppy mill to pee, poop, and chew things they’re not supposed to inside the house.

Crates also provide the dogs with a place that they can call their own, which eases most of their anxieties.

In addition, most people pay an arm and a leg for French bulldogs to have a companion that they can introduce to friends, family, and other dogs. So, training them to socialize when they’re a few weeks old is important.

Food and Treats

One of the reasons why the cost of a French bulldog is so high is that these premium dogs need some high-quality dog food. Expect to pay anywhere from $250 to $300.

Also, it’s important to know what to feed Frenchies and what to not. For example, they need plant-based protein but not excessive protein. Plus, they eat raw meat but don’t feed them anything questionable.

Also, make sure you feed them whole meats, preferably as the first ingredient in their store-bought food. Healthy fats are also important for a French bulldog’s coat to look healthy and shiny.

Remember that one of the factors that increase the average cost of dog food in your household is whether your French bulldog needs prescription food.

Dog Boarding and Sitting

French bulldogs are a popular dog breed because we love how social, sweet, cuddly, and friendly these irresistible babies are. However, because of this loving nature, they can’t stand being alone.

So, if you know there will be errands or travels where you won’t be able to take your French bulldog, we highly recommend considering dog boarding and sitting.

If you want to leave your Frenchie at a little dog “hotel”, it may cost $40, more or less, depending on the place itself. Dog sitting may cost you around $25, but it differs from one dog sitter/pet sitter to another.

Dog License

Depending on where you live in the United States, getting a dog license may be mandatory. From a Dog owner standpoint, a dog license is basically registering your dog with your city’s government.

The cost of the license depends on some factors, such as whether your dog got the rabies vaccination and whether they’re spayed or neutered. On average, it costs $20 per year.

A license will be highly beneficial for your French bulldog because it will help bring them if they’re lost and ensure that they get the necessary vaccinations.

Pet Insurance

If you never had to insure a pet before, it may sound “excessive”, but it’s not. Pet insurance covers health care expenses, depending on the plans you picked. As adorable as the French bulldog breed is, its vet bills can pile up in no time. So, it’s always good to cover your back.

You can choose from plans that cover accidents, illnesses, both, and more. Plus, there is an annual or monthly option for almost every plan, where the annual option is cheaper. Some plans are for the entire life span of the pet, which is up to 14 years in the case of a Frenchie.

Accident & Illness

When you pick an A&I plan, it means that you have covered the bills for both unexpected injuries and illnesses; so, it’s the most comprehensive coverage and the most expensive. We recommend this plan for French bulldog owners and dogs that need special care. It has an average price of $600 per year.

Accident Only

As the name suggests, AO only covers sudden injuries, such as being hit by a car, bitten, or poisoned. This type of coverage is perfect for outdoor dogs or those who are subject to the elements more often. You can find it at $200 per year.


Wellness coverage is an affordable plan that reimburses for routine vet visits, such as vaccinations, de-worming, and more. It’s the most affordable one, with an annual cost of $150.

Why Are French Bulldogs So Expensive to Insure?

hugging my bulldog

The more costly the thing that you’re trying to ensure is, the more expensive the insurance will be.

Pet insurance in the case of French bulldogs is a no-brainer because of the health complications that they tend to have as a dwarf breed. Here are some of the most common:


Brachycephalic syndrome or BOAS refers to the breathing difficulties many Frenchies may face because of having a large head and flat face. It can be corrected, but it’s pretty expensive. Solving or preventing breathing issues as soon as possible helps your dog live a long and healthy life.

An annual check is one way you can catch this issue early on. Of course, the best way to solve the problem is to go to the vet immediately once you see any symptoms.


In addition, Intervertebral Disc Disease or IVDD is an unfortunately common disease in the French bulldog because of their body structure. IVDD happens when the jelly-like discs that exist between a pair of spinal vertebrae herniate. Its examinations are costly, and the surgeries can be around $4000.

However, you can help prevent IVDD by putting your French bulldog puppy on a healthy diet and tracking their weight.

Hip Dysplasia

One of the other serious health complications that a French bulldog faces is Hip Dysplasia, and it sounds painful because it is. It refers to the displacement of hip and thigh joints and can get worse if it goes unchecked.

If you spot the problem early on, you can get your furry friend the treatment it needs, such as physical therapy and Joint fluid modifiers. However, severe cases require surgery. Most people only notice these problems in annual checks, so please commit to them.

Genetic testing is also another way you can predict any genetic health issues in your French bulldog before they happen and affect their quality of life.

Cherry Eye

Cherry Eye is one of the eye conditions that a Frenchie may face that you can easily spot. Just like its name, it’s a membrane that looks like a third red eyelid covering the entire cornea of your Frenchie.

It happens when the tissue fibers of the lacrimal tear gland are weakened, which leads us back to the importance of genetic testing because Cherry Eye is hereditary. It seems that the parents of a French bulldog can tell you anything about them.

This painful-looking bulge causes a lot of pain and discomfort for your Frenchie and impairs their vision. If you caught it before it gets severe, its treatment could cost around $80 per year. However, severe cases need surgery, which could increase the price to up to $250.

Juvenile Cataracts

Juvenile cataracts are the opacity of the eye’s lens, and they make the eyes look cloudy and less transparent.

Like many of the ailments we’ve discussed, the French bulldog breed is more predisposed to get it. So, genetics play an important part in understanding the health of a French bulldog. However, sometimes a puppy or an adult Frenchie/adult dog would get it from injury.

As it says in the name, this ailment is more common in French bulldog puppies than adults, but all of them are still at risk.

Usually, canine cataracts themselves aren’t treated. However, if they get too severe that the Frenchie suddenly goes blind, surgery may come into play. It typically costs around $1500 to $2000 per eye.

What Color French Bulldog Is Most Expensive?

Pureblack French Bulldog

All French Bulldogs have many qualities in common: they’re small/small dog, adorable, sociable, and playful. However, not all of them are equal in the eyes of Frenchie lovers. Because they’re already an expensive dog breed, the fascination with rarer colors of Frenchies is huge.

Some of the rarest, most expensive fur colors are red fawn french bulldog, blue, lilac, tan, pure black, black and tan, blue french bulldog and tan, and merle French bulldogs.

The lilac French bulldog is on the top of the list, and their coat color is breathtaking. You can expect to pay anywhere from $8000 to $10000 for one. In fact, if it’s purebred, it can be as expensive as $20000.

However, a Frenchie that has a rare fur color has a higher risk of developing several health problems. So, it’s less risky and more affordable to get one of the standard colors, such as fawn, fawn and white, brindle, white, brindle and white, cream, and cream and white.


Have you enjoyed reading the article? Please tell us in the comment section below. We hope that our detailed explanations for the French bulldog price and recommendations for their well-being have been helpful to you.

A French bulldog can be the best addition to your life if you know a responsible breeder to get them from so that they’re worth it. Then, you need to pay for supplies, training, food, and license. Also, commit to every necessary health check to keep your Frenchie safe, happy, and healthy.

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