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How Many Tums Can I Give My Dog: Safe Tummy Ache Solution?

How Many Tums Can I Give My Dog: Safe Tummy Ache Solution?

We all face some stomach problems now and then, and that isn’t just limited to us people because our pets do get these nasty and annoying tummy aches too.

Just when you thought the day was going so great for you or your pet, suddenly you’re faced with an ache that renders your appetite to non-existent and pain to very annoying levels.

However, we’ve got the benefit of having some Tums stashed and ready to be of use when the time comes, but we know you’ve got something else in mind when you got those out.

Can you give your dog Tums and is it really safe to use for them?

What Is Tums in the First Place?

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Tums is an antacid that is used to relieve heartburn by reducing the acid in the stomach before it can cause you any more distress. The weaker the acid found inside your stomach becomes, the less likely it will be that you start experiencing any heartburn.

There are three key ingredients found inside Tums that work as an antacid and help each other in order to neutralize the acidity found in your stomach–these three are calcium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide, and sodium bicarbonate. And since these three work together to help fight off the chances of experiencing heartburn, decreasing the acidity in the stomach is also a great way to combat any tummy problem and helps an upset stomach feel better again.

It is a very effective and efficient medicine that has been sweeping the market and filling everyone’s homes, but is it really a good alternative to use when your pet is experiencing any tummy problems

Is It Safe for Your Doggy?

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While there are definitely better options out there available, Tums is actually a very safe alternative when it comes to taking care of your dog’s tummy pain without having to go the extra mile. However, these are some of the reasons that you may not want to opt for it in the long run:

  1. Not as Efficient – Although Tums is very effective and efficient in working its magic in people, the same cannot be said for your dog because of a hundred other reasons. The main one is that they digest at a much faster rate than we people do; only allowing the compound to work for a certain duration before fully working its benefits. You will need quite the specific dosage to have your dog experience the same amount of relief we get from using Tums.
  2. Allergies – While Tums is made to help the human body system in taking care of heartburn and tummy aches in the process, the same story does not apply more so to dogs. In fact, your dog’s system might even be allergic to some of the dyes or compounds found in Tums. In this viewpoint, the risks start outweighing the benefits. Who knows how your dog could react, so it’s best that you stay safe.
  3. Toxicity – It may be completely safe for us to use; however, the same cannot be said for dogs as there may be the chance of it having artificial sweeteners like xylitol. While it does prove no harm for us, it is very dangerous for your dog to ingest and may lead to some very serious problems in the process.
  4. Too Much Calcium – Calcium is perfectly fine, but when it comes to dogs, too much of this calcium carbonate compound may lead to some very serious side effects as well. Most especially in puppies because their systems are not able to comprehend and use such overdose in calcium and will severely hamper their bone and cartilage development.
  5. Better Options – There exists many better options out there that are made specifically for the use of your canine, so why even risk it with something else when you can use products for your dog?

When Tums Is the Only Thing Available

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On the off chance that Tums is your only available remedy for your dog’s tummy pain, then you need to make sure that you are first using one that has no color dyes to avoid any allergic reaction.

Also double-check with the ingredients found inside the Tums you have and make sure that there are no artificial sweeteners present to avoid any further complications.

Here is a brief overview:

  1. Small Dogs – For the smaller dogs, they will need a dosage of 1,250 mg to be effective and not go away too quickly.
  2. Medium Dogs – For dogs that are slightly bigger, they will need 2 grams to 4 grams depending on how big they are.
  3. Big Dogs – If your pooch is definitely quite big, then the recommended dosage will have to be at least between 4 grams to 6 grams to be effective.
  4. Giant Dogs – If you have an undeniably big dog that can be considered a giant, then the higher dosage will be needed between 6 grams to 10 grams.

What You Can Do Better

Rather than wonder how many Tums can I give my dog, it is always the safer and smarter option to check with your veterinarian first before doing anything drastic which could pose a hazard to your pet.

Tums may be a good alternative, but it should not be relied on as frequently as this may cause problems in the long run. A trip to the vet will always beat any potential alternative to fixing any of your pet’s problems.

In any case, as long as you remain vigilant, alert, and well informed, then your pet will surely get through that tummy ache and will keep coming back happy if you’ve used everything you learned today!