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How Long Does It Take To Groom A Dog (Professionally)

How Long Does It Take To Groom A Dog (Professionally)

Grooming is essential to overall pet health and wellbeing. What kind of pet owner doesn’t love giving and getting cuddles from their pets, right? A clean and pleasant-smelling dog calls for more hugs and bonding time. Therefore, pet owners must make sure to get their dogs groomed regularly.

Regular grooming in dogs promotes longevity and overall good hygiene. Their proper maintenance prevents their exposure to sickness-causing bacteria and parasites. Also, grooming is a way to check your dog’s skin condition if there are bumps, cuts, bruises, or swelling that could indicate illness or injury. Not to mention, keeping a well-groomed pet provides happiness not just to a dog owner but to those who usually interact with the pet.

There are several things you can do in your dog’s home grooming routine, but professional grooming is also as important because it will cover grooming aspects that you might have missed. If you’re taking your small dog to its first grooming appointment, this article will discuss some of the things to expect with regards to the grooming process. It also talks about the basics of dog grooming, should you wish to groom your dog at home.

How Long Does it Take for a Professional Grooming Session

Maintaining a dog’s comfort is one of the things we, pet owners, must always prioritize. Dog grooming ensures our pet’s quality of life and makes them feel loved and nurtured. According to Hollywood Houndz, a boutique spa and pet hotel, professional dog grooming is ideally done every six weeks to two months. An average session should take around two to three hours but could take longer depending on the breed and thickness of your dog’s coat.

Pet services provider PetSmart says you should allow at least three to four hours when taking your dog to their groomers. Again, sessions will still vary based on the services availed and the type of breed your dog is. Their minor services usually take an estimated 15 minutes and do not require prior booking.

Puppy grooming is a different story, on the other hand, especially if it’s their first time. Eight-week-old puppies are ready for professional grooming.

However, due to their sensitive nature, most dog groomer recommends going for a short session, ideally less than an hour.

It is crucial to create a pleasant grooming experience for them, as this will set the tone for the next grooming sessions. When grooming puppies, professional groomers recommend simple services that involve bathing, a light brushing with a bristle brush, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and possibly a light trimming of the fur around the face if the puppy responds to the experience positively. Grooming puppy is

Moving on, one dog breed that needs extensive grooming is the Cocker Spaniel. This dog breed like Shih Tzu is known to have a beautiful, long, and silky coat, with guard hairs that grow up to the floor.

They have what’s called a “double coat.” Such a coating is both luxurious and smooth to touch. The long hairs(loose hair) make grooming even more challenging, with higher chances of mats hindering combing and shampooing. Ideally, the brushing frequency for Cocker Spaniels is three times a week.

Because of the thick coat, they are more prone to picking up a variety of debris and dirt. Outside a full groom, bathing and drying a Cocker Spaniel may take somewhere along 45 minutes. Of course, the inclusion of other services will take longer.

Pet Grooming Labels

What to Expect at the Groomers

In general, different groomers offer varying versions of a full groom. The typical services included are bathing and blow-drying, nail trims, ear cleaning, brushing with a slicker brush, and a full-body haircut.

Anal gland expression is also available at the request of the owner. Here’s how a regular session turns out:

  1. First, the groomer brushes the dog’s fur for better lathering of the shampoo.
  2. Bathing proceeds using specially formulated shampoos fit for their coat’s needs.
  3. The groomer will check your dog’s ears for any sign of infection, and remove build-up as well.
  4. Drying of the dog’s coat commences using a blow-dryer or a cage dryer.
  5. Once the dog’s skin and coat are dry, clipping, trimming, or shaving is next.
  6. A groomer may also give your dog a haircut while its nails are getting done too. Expect your groomer to use a nail clipper, and possibly trim the hair off every paw pad.
  7. The groomer will also brush your dog’s teeth using special dog toothpaste.

Expect the whole experience to be one that’s foreign to your dog. Here, your pet will see new tools, dogs, and people. They will hear sounds that may be frightening for them.

These may stress them a lot, so it is vital to make yourself aware of possible triggers that can make your pet’s grooming experience a disaster.

Being prepared for stressors will also allow you to give your groomer a head’s up on the possibilities of your dog acting up. Just in case, you can teach your groomer calming strategies or techniques that may help ease your dog’s tension.

Furthermore, it would also be helpful to visit grooming salons to see which one you think will best suit your dog’s needs. Not all grooming shops will have the quality and type of services you demand. Scout your area first for the best one and found out which shop dogs and their owners prefer. Once you’re ready, visit the grooming salon days before your grooming schedule booking.

If your dog is particularly nervous, introduce your pet dog to its groomer. Also, allow your dog to become familiarized with the sights and sounds at the dog grooming salon. You can also simulate the sounds and sensations of hair and nail clippers using items you have at home.

With regards to hair drying, you must make sure also to ask your groomer if they use cage drying techniques to dry a dog’s coat quickly.

If you’re not familiar with what this is, it’s precisely what the name denotes – a cage used for drying. If you’re not comfortable with this idea, you can ask for other options, or choose a salon that doesn’t make use of such.

Upon returning for your double coated dog/double coated breed at the groomer’s, be sure to tip the person responsible for your pet’s newly washed and pleasant-smelling coat. Pet grooming service is a challenging and physically taxing job that deserves handsome rewards.

Not only must the groomers show patience and kindness to the different dogs they meet, but they must also handle unpredictable situations that might even put them in harm’s way. Giving your groomer a tip says you understand the demands of their job and that you value the tender love and care they have shown your fur baby.

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How to Groom a Dog at Home

Grooming the Shih Tzu dog isolated on white

At home, pet parents can also do a couple of things to groom their dogs. Here are some things you should remember, according to pet groomer turned writer Simon Lissa:

  • Weekly brushing your dog’s hair is ideal.
  • Brushing their teeth, cleaning their eyes, dog’s ear, and paws and; bathing is all done twice a week.
  • It is necessary to clip their dog’s nails once, monthly. This tip is essential as long nails are especially painful for dogs.
  • It is advisable to trim their hair every two months.

Doing all these, even without the help of a professional groomer, will ensure your dog stays clean and healthy.

When bathing dogs, be sure to practice caution and common sense. Although there’s no specific length of time on how long it should take to wash your dogs, but be sure that you’re doing it in a time frame that will not compromise their health or immune system

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