Dying Dog Receives An Emotional Final Farewell From 90-Year-Old Neighbor

Dogs have the power to touch our hearts in ways few others can. The love that these furry friends shower us with is something truly special and unforgettable.

This makes their loss all the more painful for those they leave behind. 

And it’s not just their families that feel this pain, but everyone whose lives they’ve touched. This video, posted on by the TikTok account maisie_and_co, proves that by giving us a glimpse of a heartbreaking goodbye.

Bailey the chocolate labrador was dying, and the strain on her body left her tired and weak. But then, she would receive a final visit that brought some life into her final days.

The visit was from Albert, her 90-year-old neighbor, with whom she shared a deep and special bond. 

You can tell that the two of them adored each other from how they interact in this video! As soon as she sees him, Bailey lays down and shows him her stomach, asking for pats.

Her tail wags a mile a minute as she shows that she’s absolutely thrilled to see him!

Albert even gets down on his knees in order to get closer to Bailey. He showers her with affection and then plays with her using some water from her water bowl.

They quietly share this moment together in a way that only true friends can.

Albert gave Bailey a biscuit every single day without fail, and he would now have to carry on in his life without her. Although it was obviously a difficult time for him, Albert smiles throughout the video, as if conveying to her that everything will be okay. 

Bailey passed away in September 2020, but it’s clear that she didn’t go a day in her life without love. Her mom, Jodi, still posts about her on TikTok, showing us that the chocolate labrador will also never be forgotten.

Watch the video below: