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5 Best Dog Swimming Pools – (2021) Buying Guide & Review

5 Best Dog Swimming Pools – (2021) Buying Guide & Review

Dog-lovers and owners know how fun, friendly, and playful this animal is. There are so many traits that make dogs special but their frisky and jolly side makes them super lovable. If you are a dog or pup owner, you might be looking for ways to add some more healthy activity to its life. All dogs love walks, balls, games, and play-time.

Most dogs also love to swim. In fact, they love it just as much as humans do. In the hot summer months, water provides the ultimate relief and refreshment to dogs. Plus, it is a great exercise for them too. A dog swimming pool can actually a great investment for your pet pooch.


We have done a round-up of the top-rated swimming pools your dog would surely love and our reviews will help you pick the right one for your pet.

Before diving straight into the pools, all pet owners should know the real advantages, the factors they must consider while buying, as well as the features, to look for in the ideal dog pool.

Our Top Five Favorite Dog Swimming Pools

It’s time to choose a super-cool and fun dog pool for your precious doggo. We’ve enlisted five of our favorite and highly recommended swimming pools, packed with the best features possible to suit your canine companion.

1. ALCOTT Inflatable Pool


One of the best quality hydrotherapy pool is made by the company ALCOTT. The pool has a weight of 3.67 pounds. It will support adult dogs of the small, medium as well as large breeds easily.

This scallop-shaped turquoise-blue dog pool is not only good-looking but also has some great features. The ALCOTT inflatable pool is built from a thick PVC material that guarantees solid resistance to nails and scratchy claws. Many users have appreciated this pool for its durability.

Furthermore, the pool features a low ramp making it easy for the dog to enter and exit with comfort and safety.

Once inflated, this dog pool has a four-foot diameter, which is not too big nor too small. The size is perfect for bathing. This means that the pool won’t take up too much space at home and extremely portable. It also deflates quite quickly which is very convenient for storing it in the cooler months or when the pool is not in use. It also has a drain cap at the bottom, that allows for quick emptying after use.

On the flip side, you might feel it’s not very big particularly if your dog is a swimmer. It is more suitable for a little dip in the water, to cool off, relax, or lay down.

Overall, we find the ALCOTT Inflatable Pool to be a great choice if you want it for your dogs’ relaxation purposes.


  • It has a high-quality build, made of thick PVC
  • Budget-friendly pool for dogs
  • Comes with a low ramp for entry and exit
  • Shows real-life durability in the face of paws and claws
  • Comes in an attractive shape, color, and design with a cute dog logo
  • Scalloped edges make it playful for dogs
  • It is easy to inflate and deflate making it easy to store and carry


  • The inflated diameter of 4 feet is too small for a proper swim, especially for bigger dog breeds.


2. Trixie Portable Dog Splash Pool


The Trixie Portable Dog Splash pool is another good option. We really like how this pool comes with the option of three different sizes. It has a total weight of only 5 pounds. You can choose the small, large, or extra-large pool depending on your dogs’ breed and needs. If your dog is a pro swimmer, the extra-large version will give it enough space for a comfy swim. The smaller versions are perfect for a refreshing dip and chill-axing.

The available dimensions:

Small: 31.5 x 31.5 x 7.9 inches

Medium: 47.2 x 47.2 x 11.8 inches

Large: 63 x 63 x 11.8 inches

There are some major advantages of the Trixie Dog Splash Pool. The main perk it offers is its ultra-portability. Furthermore, it requires no hassle or assembly and an air pump is not needed either. All you have to do is unfold and then fill it with water. The material used is polyvinyl plastic which makes the pool scratch-free and resistant. Plus, it is not slippery to avoid injuries, and your doggo will be safe in the pool. The wide mouth of its drain allows for quick and easy drainage.

Customer support is also reliable, so if your product faces any issues or has defects, you can expect to find assistance immediately.

When it comes to the downsides of this pool, some users have reported that it was not extremely durable and tore quicker than they expected.

Plus, the pool is definitely heavy on the pocket than other dog pools.


  • It comes in three size variants for different dog types and purposes
  • It comes in two color options: blue or light blue
  • It is ultra-portable, so you can carry it easily and save storage space
  • The pool also has a non-slippery bottom
  • The foldable pool comes pre-assembled and does not even require an air pump
  • Scratch-free material
  • Quickly draining it possible because of the wide-mouthed drain
  • Customer service is reliable


  • Some people have reported quick tearing of the pool
  • This pool is relatively expensive
  • There is no indicated fill line on the pool


3. Cool Pup Splash About Dog Pool


This dog pool by COOL PUP is another top recommendation that is widely loved by their dog owner. It comes in three different size variants, the largest one being more than 5 feet in diameter when inflated; perfect for swimming “swimming lesson”. All their variants also have differing water capacities. The smallest one has less height so you can use it for the smaller dog breeds.

Built with an extra-tough PVC, the pool promises maximum durability. You can also simply fold it and take it on the go with you so your dog can have its relaxation even on vacay mode. One more major plus is the ease of assembly, which is basically just unfolding and filling the pool with water- no extra hassle.

The large size is super accommodating for bigger dogs and can easily handle heavyweight.

The only downside of this dog pool is that there are some mixed reviews from users. While most users absolutely love it for with-standing scratches and never leaking, others have complained about the pool quickly tearing apart.

We think that it is an excellent pool and its extra-tough PVC is a true winner. The product label clearly states that you must not let your pet chew on the plastic or sit on the pools’ edge. Secondly, it’s important that you empty the pool after use to increase its’ life and avoid using or dragging it on rough surfaces.


  • Extra-tough PVC makes the pool quite durable
  • It is available in all sizes, appropriate for different dog
  • sizes and breeds
  • It is easy to assemble
  • It is foldable so you can carry the pool with ease
  • The pool can stand up on its own even without water


  • Despite being  a popular pool choice, there are some mixed reviews on the actual durability
  • Some users think it is difficult to handle
  • Can be a hit or miss product depending on the user


4. FRISCO Outdoor Dog Swimming Pool


At a super-affordable price, FRISCO offers an outdoor swimming pool for your dog, that too in three different size options. This pool has a really sleek, minimal and nice design and its’ blue and dark blue contrasting color is also appealing.

The dimensions of the available sizes are:

Small: 31.1 x 31 x 7.9 inches

Large: 47 x 47 x 11.8 inches

Extra-Large: 63 x 63 x 11.8 inches

These size options allow you to choose the one that fits your dogs’ needs. The smaller sizes are perfect for a dip, whereas the extra-large size which is more than 5 feet, is perfect for a swim.

This pool is built with a sturdy quality using PVC material. An easily foldable pool, you can take it anywhere with you. There is no inflation required so the pool will be up and ready for your dog in no time.  To store it, you simply have to drain the pool, dry it, and fold it back easily.

With a smaller price tag, we think this product is extremely budget-friendly for all owners, for the features it offers.


  • This pool has a very affordable price point for the solid build it has.
  • It has three different size variants to accommodate the smallest and largest dog breeds.
  • This pool is extremely foldable and turns into a compact size perfect for storage.


  • The floor might start to rip quickly.
  • Some users reported a problem that the sides of the pool collapsed.


5. KOPEKS Outdoor Swimming Pool


A cool and stylish-looking option in a charcoal grey color, the KOPEKS Outdoor Portable Pool for dogs is our final recommendation. It features an outstanding high-quality industrial strength PVC material, which means you don’t need to worry about your dogs’ claws ruining it quickly.

It is perfect for bathing or playing. Plus, you also get three size options with the pool meaning that it is appropriate for all dog sizes- the smallest breeds to the biggest ones. The available dimensions include:

Small: 32 D x 8 H inches

Large: 47 D x 12 H inches

Extra Large: 63 D X 12 H inches

The portability of this pool is simply excellent. You can fold it super easily and quickly and then carry it, or store it away during the cooler months without using any extra storage space.

Plus, it comes at a relatively low price as compared to the other pools with the same tough PVC material.


  • A heavy-duty pool with a true to the claim tough PVC material build
  • Many positive ratings, most dogs love this
  • It is extremely easy to set up
  • Extremely budget-friendly, considering the quality you are getting


  • A few people reported that it gets stained easily
  • Overall, this product has no major cons

We hope that our guide helped you choose the perfect pool for your furry friend. You can choose any of these 5 top recommendations from us and feel completely at ease while your dog has a relaxing experience in its’ pool, takes a refreshing swim, and enjoys the water.

Always remember to ensure your dog’s safety by keeping an eye on it while it’s in the pool to avoid any accidents.


dog is happy when swimming in the pool

To swim or not to swim…

It’s good to know why you’re getting a dog pool for your pooch and if you can expect it to really swim in it. Naturally, dogs are built for swimming and their bodies are adapted to it.

If your dog has an evenly distributed-body weight ratio and a thick, water-resistant coat, they’re probably going to love swimming a lot. Mostly, the breeds with longer legs, webbed feet, and a big tail, such as Retrievers, Labradors, Spaniels, and Setters, are all great swimmers.

Not all dogs are natural swimmers or have the body type for it- yet, they do love the cool waters. Dog breeds that will appreciate a dip in the water but are not likely to swim include Pugs, GreyHounds, Basset Hounds, and Bulldogs. It might also be possible that your dog simply prefers dry land.

Many pet owner who loves to swim themselves often train their dogs to swim too. Even if your pet dog is not a born swimmer, you can give them the opportunity to learn and even start to appreciate it over time.

Just make sure not to invoke fear in your pup or dog by forcing it to swim.

This will make your pet anxious and upset. You can also opt for professional training to do it in the best way possible.

Dogs; their love for water

Even if your pooch is not the best swimmer, it is likely to go nuts when it sees glistening, cool water. So, what makes water so appealing to dogs?

Think of it like this: We all like to take a dip in the pool or just relax there, even when we aren’t swimming. This is because it is super-refreshing, and the best possible way to unwind. Dogs can relax their muscles, take a break from the heat, and it’s an all-over amazing experience for them- physically as well as mentally.

Another interesting chunk of information is that dogs have slightly higher body temperatures than we do. Their bodies are simply hotter, which is also a reason they love a nice, refreshing swim.

Have you ever noticed that your dog is panting a lot? They do this because the ability to cool their bodies down is quite limited. Rapid panting lets them take in cool air from outside, and breathe out all the hot air in their lungs. Water is an instant cooling aid for them and is only natural for them to love it so much.

The Benefits of Owning a Dog Pool

Having a swimming pool for your dog at home is a great idea. You can easily set it up whenever needed, and place it in your backyard or any appropriate area. Your canine companion will love having this leisure activity at home during the hot days.

If you’re particular about your dogs’ health and fitness, then a swimming pool is an absolute must-have for you and your pet pooch. It will allow your dog to regularly reap the health benefits of having a pool. Swimming helps dogs in weight management, reduced pain, and stress, quicker recovery from pain or inflammation, improved cardiovascular health, and better physical performance.

If you find the right dog pool for your pet, you can also carry it with you when going on picnics or outdoor excursions. You can make any activity much more fun for your furry friend by taking their pool along-provided you have an adequate supply of water of course.

What to look for in the ideal dog pool:

Purchasing a dog pool can be daunting as your pooch will be the one using it, and you have to make sure they’re comfortable and happy with it. Remember, you should not use a kiddie pool as an alternative, even though a pet swimming pool might look almost identical.

A pet swimming pool will have a different design and quality, tailored specifically for the use of dogs. Let’s take a look at the main features you should look for when choosing the perfect pop up pool for your doggo:

1. Sturdy Plastic:

Regular pools for kids are built from plastic, but a much thinner material is used. When it comes to a quality dog swimming pool, manufacturers specifically use a thicker, more durable plastic that is also used in truck bed liners.

Of course, canine use requires good quality plastic that can not only withstand their weight but also nails and teeth. You should look for a dog pool made of plastic or strong PVC, that is not easily damaged or punctured.

2. Built-in ramp and drain plug

Many of these dog pools also have slides or built-in ramps which are super useful. You should look for a pool that has this feature so that your pet dog can easily go in or come out themselves.

A quality product should also have a good, preferably wide drain plug for quick filling; draining.

3. Foldable:

Many people don’t want the dog pool hogging up space all of the time. The ideal dog pool should be foldable. This will let you put it away when it is out of use during the winters. Plus, it means you can easily take it with you wherever it’s needed.

We think this feature is super important.

4. Metal Pools:

Another choice for some owners is a metal pool. This one will be practically indestructible and give you the longest use possible.

But you can expect metal pools to be quite expensive.

5. Safety Disclaimer:

You should never let your pet unsupervised in the dog pool especially if you know they are not strong swimmers.

For the dog swimming pool cover, it is always best to use a safety cover as opposed to a floating cover. There is a risk for animals to drown in case they get trapped under the pool cover.

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