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Best Chew Proof Dog Crate Pads – Guide and Reviews (2021)

Best Chew Proof Dog Crate Pads – Guide and Reviews (2021)

No matter how loveable your dog may be, most dogs tend to become chewers when you have to leave them alone in their crate for an extended period of time.

Dogs sleep for most of the night, but they do not sleep for as long as we do, and their crate pad or dog bed is often the first thing they chew on. In this article, we will go over which chew proof crate pads are the best for chewers.

Why Do Dogs Rip Their Pad or Bed?

crate pad

Dogs usually rip their bed up because they are prone to destructive behaviors when they are anxious or bored. Dogs often wake up before we do, and their bed or crate pad is typically the first item they have access to.

Some dogs also suffer from separation anxiety whenever they think their owner is gone, so they will pick at their bed if they cannot sense your nearby at night, or if you leave them alone in their crate or kennel during the day. Even a brief absence is long enough for your dog to grow anxious or bored of being in their crate.

What Are the Benefits of a Chew Proof Crate Pad?

While there is no such thing as an entirely chew resistant crate pad or dog bed, a high-quality chew proof product will be durable enough to make sure that your chewer has a comfortable dog crate or kennel for quite some time. These are the main benefits of a chew proof crate pad.

Durable Materials

The best chew resistant products are made of durable materials that practically guarantee an indestructible dog bed or crate pad.

Many of these pads are composed of ballistic nylon, canvas, Cordura, or poly-fiber, making them chew proof to even heavy chewers. These tough materials also tend to be water-resistant and contain many flame retardants.

Extra Comfort

As it is nearly impossible for dogs to rip and remove the actual pad or bed, chew proof products are often reinforced with foam mattresses for extra comfort. While we often want to equate “virtually indestructible” with “tough, hard, and uncomfortable,” that is not the case for these pads.

Easy to Clean

Since these chew proof items are made to last, they are easy to clean. Such a tough crate pad can generally be put into a washing machine. Chew resistant dog beds and crate pads are also less likely to collect stray hairs and debris than a regular pad or bed.

Five Best Chew Resistant Dog Crate Pads

Even armed with all of this knowledge, the sheer amount of chew resistant dog beds available online and in pet stores can be a little overwhelming. We have selected some of the top five pads on the market for dogs that tend to chew.

1. Frisco Quilted Dog Crate Mat


The Frisco Quilted Dog Crate Mat puts a lot of emphasis on comfort. The foam support is airy and contains extra polyester fiber. The cover of this pad is also made of cozy polyester fiber for extra support, and the edges are a little taller than the center so your dog has a place to rest their head.

This comfy dog bed is available in many sizes, and it will fit in crates that range anywhere from eighteen to fifty-four inches. These sizes accommodate small, medium, and large dog breeds, and it is also a great bed for dogs of any age. This crate pad is machine washable. The customer reviews for this bed are overwhelmingly positive.


  • Dogs and cats alike seem to flock to this comfortable bed.
  • The absorbent pad is excellent for weaning litters of puppies.
  • Any debris that gets into the dog bed washes out easily.
  • The comfort qualities make most customers feel that this dog crate pad is easily worth more than the price.


  • The bed itself sheds quite a lot, even after about a month.
  • Heavy chewers have been known to tear this product up.
  • The absorbent dog crate pad may be too absorbent for long-haired dogs, and they might overheat.


2. MidWest Quiet Time Ombre Swirl Dog Crate Mat


The MidWest Quiet Time Ombre Swirl Dog Crate Mat is plush, making it an ideal crate bed or standalone bed. This bed is made entirely of poly-fiber, cover, and cushion, with a soft, furry texture.

The bottom of this bed has a non-skid grip to keep it from shifting around in crates or on hardwood floors. It comes in every neutral color, so it will not look out of place in most homes.

Not only is this crate pad machine washable, but it can also be tossed in the dryer, as well. This item comes in every standard size, and it will fit in crates ranging from eighteen to forty-eight inches. It is excellent for puppies and young adult dogs.


  • This crate bed can be used with a heating pad in the winter.
  • This product is suitable for both cats and dogs.
  • The bed typically holds its shape very well after months of use and multiple washes.


  • The size descriptions are not always accurate, so you may need to order a size up.
  • Despite most people finding the bed holds its shape well, some reviewers with large dogs had the bed become somewhat flat after a couple of weeks.


3. Precision Pet Products SnooZZy Sleeper Dog Crate Mat


Precision Pet Products SnooZZy Sleeper Dog Crate Mats have been designed specifically to be used as crate pads. This crate pad is made of polyester fiber for basic strength and comfort. It is excellent for traveling as well, as this pad can be rolled up for easy storage and mobility.

The bottom has a non-skid surface that greatly prevents the crate pad from sliding around in crates, vehicles, hardwood floors, or even in tents. This product is machine washable. It comes in sizes ranging from x small to x large, so there is something for any dog weighing ninety pounds or less. The SnooZZy Sleeper is best suited for young adult dogs.


  • The crate mat stays in place very well on virtually any surface, making it truly helpful for traveling with your pet.
  • This product can be layered with blankets or used as an extra topper for other crate mats or dog beds.
  • The crate pad retains its softness and shape for multiple washes.


  • Some customers feel that the mat is too thin, especially for short-haired dogs.
  • Many review posts claim that a large dog can easily chew holes in this crate pad.


4. K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Dog Crate Pad

K&H Pet

The K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Dog Crate Pad was made with comfort and adaptability in mind. The top of this bed consists of fleece that redirects your pet’s body heat back to them.

The bottom is made of a non-slip material that keeps the pad from sliding or bunching up after extended use. Each corner of this self-warming crate pad has a slit in it that allows this pad to fit into several different crates or kennels.

The entire pad is machine washable. Sizes range from fourteen by twenty-two inches to thirty-two by forty-eight inches. Small, medium or large breeds can use these beds, but it is only recommended for adults.


  • Pages and pages of reviewers rave about how much their small, short-haired pets love these beds.
  • These beds are more than simply also usable for cats. They appreciate the warmth as much as any dog.


  • The beds do not very chew resistant for very large breeds.
  • A few people are not a fan of how thick the pad is, stating that it could be thicker.


5. Frisco Mocha Swirl Dog Crate Mat

Mocha Swirl Dog

The Frisco Mocha Swirl Dog Crate Mat is both cozy and stylish. It comes in a light brown color that is guaranteed to match just about any home. A thick, poly-fiber cushion is covered in an equally thick polyester top for maximum comfort.

This cover is designed to keep your pet cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The product is machine washable, and the way it is sized is meant to fit into several types of spaces, whether it be a vehicle, carrier, crate, or a dog house.

Sizes vary from eighteen to forty-eight inches in length. The Mocha Swirl mat is mainly intended for adult pet use.


  • Most people find that this mat washes well so long as it is left to air dry.
  • Pets of all sizes seem to love how cozy this mat is.


  • The width is sometimes too narrow for certain crates.
  • The mat is not thick enough for large breeds to use sufficiently as a bed.


How to Choose the Best Chew Proof Crate Pad

puppy in a dog crate bag

There are a few things to keep in mind before you purchase a chew proof crate pad. These chew resistant crate pads may be just about any size or color, and some are made with more resistant materials than others. They are not one type fits all. Consider the following factors when seeking a high-quality product.

Ripstop Bed Cover

The best chew proof dog crate pads will have a ripstop ballistic cover. Rip stop fabric is woven tightly to keep your dog from making any holes or tears that form larger, and ballistic products are unlikely to tear in the first place. Ballistic chew proof pad covers quickly discourage heavy chewers.

Reinforced Seams

Chewers might turn to the stitching once they realize the crate mat is essentially an indestructible dog bed. They may have ripped whole dog beds to shreds in the past by making holes in the seams. Look for a crate pad that has double-stitched seams. These items are usually labeled as featuring reinforced seams.

Hidden Zippers

As heavy chewers search for something to destroy, any visible zippers are an easy target. Be sure to choose a dog crate pad that either has hidden zippers or no zippers at all. A good machine washable dog bed or crate pad will have hidden zippers so the mattress inside may be removed.

Crate Sizes

You will want to look for a product that fits whatever type of kennel or dog crate you have. A mat that fits into the frame of your kennel will prevent your dog from picking at the corners. Most pet parents have experienced chewing long enough that they keep chewers in metal dog crates. Dog crate pads that match the size of their crate will also stop the frame and corners from causing your dog any discomfort.

Support Foam

Although most chew resistant dog beds have extra support, you should try to find a product that emphasizes both comfort and durability, especially if your dog has any joint problems.

Beds with orthopedic foam mattresses are the best for a dog with joint issues. While these may be slightly more expensive than a dog bed or crate mat that merely focuses on being an indestructible dog product, the price is worth it in order to keep an older dog comfortable.

Cute siberian husky puppies in the cage on white background


Out of all the products in this review, the MidWest Quiet Time Ombre Swirl Dog Crate Mat is the clear winner. This bed is the most durable all around, and it does the best job of preventing most breeds from chewing while also being incredibly comfortable.

This bed is also the only product that is dryer-safe in addition to being machine washable. This product holds its shape after many washes and dries, and it is one of the few that is suitable for puppies.

Overall, the MidWest Quiet Time Ombre Swirl is the most fitting of all the desirable categories. The tightly woven poly-fiber fabric is durable and does not tear easily at the seams. There are no zippers to worry about, and the cushion support is suburb. While the sizes do not always line up, ordering a size up seems to fix this minor issue.


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