How to prevent dog feet from smelling like corn chips

3 Simple Pointers to Consider in Making Your Dog’s Feet Smelling Fresh

As a person, I consider myself a very self-conscious individual. I am particularly so conscious of my hygiene. One of the necessary ‘red flags’...
animal shelter volunteer feeding the dogs

How Long Does It Takes A Dog To Digest a Bone – The Scary...

Our dogs love to munch bones. If I am in a party or a feast (where food is abundant) and I realized that leftovers...
dog rolling in poop

4 Ways on How to Stop a Dog from Rolling in Poop (Step-by-step Guide)

Why do dogs play with their poop? Dogs love entertaining themselves, especially when they are alone. They tend to play with a lot of...
Jack Russell terrier

5 Simple Ways on How to Get My Dog to Stop Chewing on Himself

I used to be one of the pet parents, who ask, "how to get my dog to stop chewing on himself?" because I know...
German Shepherd Dog Sticking Head Out Driving Car Window

8 Tips on How to Stop a Dog From Being Possessive of Owner

Having a protective dog always at our side can help put us at ease, like most owners, but sometimes, we have to learn how...
Gas Out of Dog

6 Effective Ways on How to Massage Gas Out of Dog

It’s not uncommon for dogs to have upset stomachs, which is why it would be very helpful for every dog owner to learn how...
vector illustration of doberman and bullterrier dressed up in office suit

Ways On How to Assert Dominance Over a Dog

Are you a dog lover? Do you own a dog? Are you the boss or is your dog trying to boss you? Do you...
Man walking dogs in the neighborhood. Taken in Fraser Heights, Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

4 Ways On How To Become The Alpha Dog With Your Puppy

To train your puppy to be obedient, you need to make sure that your puppy considers you as an alpha leader. To get that...
High angle view of smiling young man with glass of milk and adorable golden retriever dog looking at camera

How Much Calcium To Give A Nursing Dog

You are excited because the beautiful dog you own is about to become a mother or has just given birth to the most beautiful...
Little fat pug sitting on sidewalk in summer park.

5 Ways On How To Fatten Up A Dog Fast

If your dog is underweight then first, try to find out if there is a health reason that is causing the weight loss. You...

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