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Careless little girl with dog eating nuts and drinking juice while sitting on carpet

Are Dogs Allergic to Nuts: Things Every (Pet Owner) Must Know

Dogs and human food may be a tricky topic to navigate. As pet owners, we sometimes can't help but want to share our favorite...
Little dog and food toxic to him

Are Dogs Allergic to Avocado? A (Guide for Dog Owners)

We, humans, have found many ways to incorporate avocados into our everyday meals - as a substitute for margarine, butter, mayonnaise, and sour cream....
Happy Dog Laughing With Clean Teeth

(Important Facts) To Know On How Much Teeth Does A Dog Have

Learning relevant information on how to care for your beloved pooch is essential as a dog owner. One of the most asked questions is...
Close up of sick puppy trying to suck milk from pet bottle

(Guidelines) How Often To Bottle Feed Newborn Puppiess

Newborn puppies don't need much from the owners. The dog owner should not intrude on the mother dog's care. However, there are instances when...
Groomer grooming dog

11 (Dog Friendly) Ways On How Often Should You Brush Your Dogs Teeth

Like how much you need regular oral hygiene, your dog also needs to have a regular toothbrush and professional dental cleaning to ensure oral...
dogs sleeping at night

6 (Tips) On How To Get A Dog To Sleep Through The Night

Having a puppy or a dog is a precious thing. It is also extremely gratifying to raise one that also sees you as a...
owner with his dog walking outside

(Helpful Tips) On How Often Do Dogs Need To Go Out

Dogs' health is a primary consideration when you want to bring home a puppy. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to know...

10 (Tips) On How To Make Your Dog Eat More

It’s a nightmare for a pet owner when their dog refuses to eat. Feeding your dog is an integral part of taking care of...
dog aggression towards cats

6 (Realistic) Ways On How To Stop Dog Aggression Towards Cats

Cats and dogs are known for bickering each other. While it looks cute to some, it's not fun when your house is in constant...
dry dog food

How Long is Dry Dog Food Good for? 10 Things You Need to Know...

Dog's food go bad? A simple and honest answer is yes! It is important to know how long is dry dog food good for minimizing health...

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