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Can Dogs Eat French Fries? Here are (FACTS) to consider

Can Dogs Eat French Fries? Here are (FACTS) to consider

Your dog will crave for anything. You sit down to eat and the moment you look down, your dog is already there looking into your eyes and begging for a treat without even barking. The situation could become even more problematic if your dog is the noisy type. It will keep cool for a bit, but then, it will go barking and insist on getting a treat. At this point, you probably ask yourself – how bad is your food for your dog? Can your furry friend have a bite? Can dogs eat French fries?

French fries are some of your favorite human foods. You like them fat, salty and oily. They go with anything and they never disappoint. You know they will make you gain weight and perhaps clog your arteries at some point, but you still love them. Then, you may also know that dogs’ digestive systems are different and more fragile than yours. While a bite of most foods will not kill your dog (unless it is a totally contraindicated food), it is still worth doing your homework upfront.

When it comes to French fries, the effects on dogs are similar to the effects on people. So, can dog eat French fries?


The healthy aspect of dogs having French fries

There are no healthy aspects related to dogs and French fries. Pretty much everyone is aware of how fast French fries can help you gain weight and the same rule applies to dogs. On the other hand, French fries are loaded with all kinds of trans fats, not to mention processed ingredients. They will clog arteries eventually, especially if fed on a regular basis.

You can throw a couple of French fries to your dog, just so it can stop barking. But on the same note, it should not become a regular treat. There are much healthier treats out there and French fries are certainly some of the worst. Simply put, a few fries will not harm your pooch, but it is a terrible habit to get into.

When it comes to digestive issues, dogs will usually be able to process and digest French fry. Apart from the so called invisible ingredients, French fries are usually just potatoes with salt and oil. So, can dogs eat potatoes chips? While potatoes do have a few nutrients, they are less likely to provide your dog with the elements it needs to thrive.

On the contrary, just because they can be digested, it does not mean they are appropriate. They will have an opposite unhealthy effect.

Now that you know that dogs can actually eat and digest French fries, why are they contraindicated? Why should you avoid feeding your furry friend fries?

dog trying to eat this fries

Weight gain considerations

So, can dogs eat French fries? If your dog has never had French fries, the potential stomachache is not worth the hassle, especially as they are less likely to get any nutrients from this type of food. At the same time, not all foods for people are suitable for dogs, as they can affect their health. Dog food is one thing, but supplementing it with human thing is not a good idea.

French fries are high fat foods. They can and will hurt you if you have them on a regular basis. They come with lots of calories. When taken on a regular basis, they will clearly lead to obesity. The same rule applies to your dog. Issues like diabetes are often related to excessive weight gain. Plus, your dog will live way less when exposed to such an unhealthy lifestyle.

For most people, a treat is usually rich in oil, sugar or processed ingredients. Treats for dogs are different and still healthy. From many points of view, unhealthy treats for people are way unhealthier for pets.


Gastrointestinal complications

While dogs may often swallow anything you throw at them, they have no idea what the final outcome will be. They are not aware of the consequences and they cannot figure out whether certain foods will be good or bad for them. From this point of view, you should know that foods rich in fats can delay the emptying process in the digestion. The stomach is prone to bloating, causing lots of discomfort.

The problem can become even more problematic in large breeds. When a stomach bloats and twists in a gaming session, the dog will most likely require surgery or the dog will die. French fries are likely to cause such issues. Moreover, high fat foods are associated with diarrhea and stomach upset. With time, a simple gastrointestinal issue will cause more severe conditions. In other words, it is better to be safe than sorry, so keep your pooch away from such treats.


Effects of seasonings and sauces

The things people throw on French fries will make this treat even more harmful. Ketchup is the preferred choice, but mayo is just as common. Seasonings will never miss, especially much salt and pepper. Condiments, seasonings and spices are also contraindicated to dogs, mostly because they are rich in sodium. Sure, sodium is essential for a good functionality, but not in heavy amounts. Imagine, a tablespoon of ketchup brings in over 150 milligrams of it. That is over 50% more than what a medium sized dog needs for a day.

Moreover, seasonings and spices will make your dog super thirsty. They can cause bloating too. Pepper and other spices can be a bit more dangerous because they can irritate dogs. The nasal membrane will suffer because of it, as well as the mouth.

Things can become even worse if you like different sauces like barbecue sauce. They are usually rich in sugar, but they also come with unsafe ingredients like garlic.

dog wants to eat french fries

Frequently asked questions

Still unsure whether or not your dog can have French fries? Here are a few common issues.

Can French fries kill a dog?

Directly, no. Indirectly, yes. They will cause obesity, diabetes, heart related problems and other associated affections. At the same time, they can cause bloating, which might cause the stomach to twist in large breeds – unless you rush your dog to an emergency room, it may die.

Can French fries make a dog sick?

They can and they probably will. Gastrointestinal issues are the most common problems, especially in dogs whose digestive systems are not familiar with such foods.

Can dogs have McDonalds French fries?

All French fries are contraindicated to dogs, but those coming from fast food chains are said to be even more dangerous, as they are often frozen and filled with even more chemicals.

How many French fries can a dog eat?

If you truly want to treat your dog, a couple of fries are enough. They should be plain – ideally, they should have no salt, sauces or condiments on them. Do not make it a habit though.

Final words

In the end, can dogs eat French fries? They can and they can also digest them, but they will cause a series of complications and lots of discomfort. Side effects are quite common and they are mild to moderate. In rare situations, they could become severe and more dangerous. If you have fed your dog French fries and symptoms do not ameliorate within a few hours, seek help from your vet.

Meta: Can dogs eat French fries? Find out whether or not French fries can cause side effects, as well as what type of symptoms.

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