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5 Of The Best Dog Shampoo For Shedding – (Reviewed 2020)

5 Of The Best Dog Shampoo For Shedding – (Reviewed 2020)

We all shed hair, only some of us shed more than others!

We love our dogs as much as (and often more than) we do any other member of the family, but excessive shedding can really get us down.

This article will look at why dogs shed, what you can feed a dog to help reduce shedding, and then we’ll round up the best dog shampoo for shedding that’s out there today.

What is the Best Dog Shampoo For Shedding?

This is what you came here for! So, let’s look at the best dog shampoo for shedding, while still looking after our pet’s skin.

#1: FURminator DeShedding Ultra Premium Shampoo for Dogs

Furminator deshedding shampoo

This is an absolute classic. If you’re plagued by shedding woes, the FURminator DeShedding Ultra Premium Dog Shampoo is an option you’ll really want to consider.

We love that not only does the FURminator rightfully boast superior shampoo performance, but it manages to do this while at the same time being paraben-free and home-grown to boot, as it’s made in the USA.

With ingredients like papaya leaf extract, aloe vera, omega 3, omega 6 fatty acids calendula extract, and vitamin E, you can tell that your dog’s fur is their priority.

We’ve noticed that in the beginning of this shampoo use in fact any anti shedding shampoo use, dogs can appear to shed more which makes some owners wary.

We can understand why they feel this way but it appears that the first few times you use the FURminator shampoo, your dog will shed his old, brittle hairs quickly.

After some regular use of this shampoo, the excess shedding and hair loss will stop and even regular shedding levels will decrease.


  • The FURminator deshedding ultra premium is full of natural ingredients that work to care for your dog’s coat and skin together, while being paraben free.
  • Lovely scent in this anti shedding dog shampoo.
  • Supreme odor and shed formula keeps doggy odor at bay as well as making his coat gleam.
  • Made in the USA.
  • The customer reviews and their happy dog families speak for themselves.


  • The anti shedding dog shampoo initially make the dog shed more than it works to rid the dog of dry, brittle hairs. But this stops with regular use.


#2: Earthbath Shed Control Shampoo

Earthbath Shed Control Shampoo

We’ve got another great bottle here, full of natural ingredients that seem to really focus on caring for your dog’s skin and coat from root to tip.

It’s ph balanced, contains omega 6 fatty acids, shea butter, aloe vera and other natural ingredients that don’t just work to reduce shedding but take care of his skin at the same time by nourishing and detoxifying.

It’s especially good at reducing dander in both cats and dogs, which makes it one of the best dog shampoos for owners who suffer with allergies and skin conditions as a result of dogs and pet dander.

Very mild, gentle dog shedding shampoos that we’d be more than happy to use time and again our our furry pets.


  • Paraben-free and full of natural ingredients.
  • PH balanced to not only reduce shedding but keep skin in excellent condition.
  • Cruelty-free and contains no animal ingredients or byproducts.
  • Can be used on all the pets in the family, including dogs, cats, rabbits, and even horses.
  • So kind on skin and hair that even a human could this dog shedding shampoo.
  • Essential oils give a natural scent, so there’s no need for any added fragrances or scents or any kind.


  • Like the FURminator, the Earthbath Shed Control Shampoo may make your dog shed more than normal at first, so be prepared. This should settle down after a few uses, but it may not.


#3: TropiClean Lime & Coconut Deshedding Dog Shampoo

tropical clean

Just one whiff of this gorgeous TropiClean Lime & Coconut Deshedding Dog Shampoo had us wanting to use it for ourselves! This shampoo smells absolutely divine and left our pooch smelling so delicious and huggable that we couldn’t stop taking a whiff of his fur for days!

The natural ingredients in this deshedding shampoo includes oatmeal, which makes it not only a de-shedding shampoo for dogs but a skin exfoliator, too. Rubbing it deep into our dog’s coat had him practically purring with pleasure.

In fact, we half expected him to bring us the shampoo bottle again later that day, for a repeat performance.

Vitamin E, omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, and extracts of such plants as lime, pomegranate, and blueberry made this dog shampoo even more luxurious than many human shampoos out there! We really loved how shiny and healthy our boy’s coat was after this pet shampoo.


  • Beautiful scent that stayed on the fur for a long time after use, giving both odors and shed control.
  • This soap-free, dye-free, and paraben-free formula was gentle on our dog’s coat.
  • Oatmeal extract meant deep exfoliation to remove dry skin and dander.
  • Did we mention how good it smells?!


  • The formula should stay on the coat for 3-5 minutes before rinsing, which is enough time to give a good scrub and exfoliate, but otherwise, it’s tough to keep a dog still enough that long for it to work.


#4: Oster Oatmeal Essentials Shed Control Dog Shampoo

oster oatmeal

Given that these dog shedding shampoos really can make such a difference, they’re very reasonably priced overall, but the Oster Oatmeal Essentials is unbelievably good value for money. It works out at less than half the price of other dog shampoo brands but still does a great job.

The oatmeal extract and Vitamin B are a great combination to reduce shedding and look after the dog’s coat by exfoliating the skin, which can be especially good for dogs with skin conditions as it’s still ph balanced.

There are more cleaning ingredients than natural ingredients in this particular shampoo for dogs but that goes to actively lifting more dirt and grime from the dog’s coat, keeping your pup squeaky clean, and not just working on his shedding.

For the price, we really couldn’t complain about this pet shampoo at all!


  • Great, pocket-friendly price makes this shedding shampoo real value for money.
  • Exfoliating oatmeal in these dog shampoos keeps our dog’s skin and coat in good shape together.
  • Lifts more dirt from the skin and hair, combatting more odor as well as working as a shed control pet shampoo.
  • Vitamin B5 made the hair very soft after using these shampoos.
  • Safe to use these dog shampoos with topical flea treatments.


  • More chemicals in the bottle may put some dog owners off; it’s not the most natural shed control shampoo, but it does remove more dirt.


#5: Frisco Shed Control Shampoo with Aloe

Frisco Shed Control


This is one especially for the big shedders, and it’s even advised that if your dog sheds like there’s no tomorrow, driving you crazy, you can use this up to once a week.

That’s because Frisco make sure that while their formula packs an effective punch in the de shedding shampoos department, it is still kind on your pet s skin.

Coconut extract, oat proteins, aloe vera, and jojoba oil keep the coat fresh and clean while battling the shedding problem.

Made in the USA, Frisco is the brand that’s not playing when it comes it sheds control shampoos, and the customers agree with them.


  • Really helps with the big shedders, the German Shepherds, and the huskies.
  • Great for regular use without drying our your pet’s skin and coat, thanks the conditioning, moisturizing formula.
  • Equipped with vitamins A, B5, D, and E, but paraben-free.
  • This shampoo is made in the USA.


  • Works fast and continues to work for a while after drying, so you may need to keep your pet off the sofa for a while until they’ve finished shedding the excess hair!


Faq: Questions and Answer

pugs happy taking a bath with a shampoo

Why Do Dogs Shed?

Dogs shed because their hair has a life cycle that doesn’t last very long. There are three phases to this life cycle: the Anagen phase, where the hair is growing, the Catagen phase, when the hair growing ceases, and the Telegen phase, which is the dreaded shedding phase.

We don’t tend to pay much attention to the first two phases because they’re not the ones that make us want to tear our own hair out in frustration. But that last phase? Boy, it’s a killer.

It used to be the case that there would be two main shedding seasons because dogs were more used to outdoor life. Shedding season was a little like monsoon season, saved for the fall, and then the following spring.

But now we’ve become accustomed to keeping our furry friends indoors, we get a constant shed all year long, although it’s also often worse in the hotter months, which of course depends on what part of the world you live in.

Dog owners all over the world are driven to distraction by their dog shedding and no matter how much we love our pup, we hate the leave the house with his fur all over our clothes.

Do Dogs Shed Because They’re Sick?

Sometimes a dog will lose his hair because of sickness, allergies, or a skin complaint that affects the hair follicles.

This doesn’t usually mean a full-on shedding of the coat; instead you’re likely to notice certain patches where there’s major hair loss, even in symmetrical patches.

It’s not only a dog’s skin and coat that can be in a poor condition, leaving him with excessive shedding issues. Hormonal disorders, due to a problem in your dog’s endocrine system, can cause a reaction that results in shedding fur.

If you’re worried your dog is shedding his fur much more than normal or appears unwell, always be sure to take him to the vet’s office, where they’ll be able to run a full diagnostic and tell you what’s wrong.

All animals shed, even when they have a very healthy skin and coat, but some definitely shed more than others.

Can I Get a Dog that Doesn’t Shed?

In recent years we’ve become a very fussy kind of pet owner and we like to have the best of both worlds: the love of a good dog, and a hair-free home. Some of us have terrible allergic reactions to pet hair, too, which is another reason we might look for a hairless dog.

You can certainly find hairless dogs, and they all seem to have similar facets in their breeds, such as their small stature, pinky-brown skin, and pointed facial features. They include the American Hairless Terrier, the Chinese Crested, and the Argentinian Pila, among others.

You can also find dogs that shed less than others; for example, a pit bull will shed much less fur than a German Shepherd would. The American Kennel Club has a page on which there’s a great list of small dogs that don’t shed very much which could help you pick out the best dogs for your circumstances.

But sometimes the heart wants what it wants and there are times we may be stuck with our big, adorable fluffy pup who we love so much we can’t be without. We just wish there was something to be done about all the shedding!

What kind of Dog Food Helps with Shedding?

If you have a breed of dog that’s always going to shed, there’s not going to be any magic food that will help him stop shedding. However, you can certainly reduce the amount he sheds by keeping him in tip-top coat health.

Excessive shedding can be alleviated by ensuring your dog has a healthy skin and coat and the kinds of foods that will help in this contain omega 3 fatty acids along with minerals and vitamin E and vitamin B5 that will keep his dog hair in the best condition, thus alleviating the need to shed so much.

To really stay on top of the shedding, you are best using a combination of a rigorous grooming schedule, and a good shedding shampoo.

Is there a Dog Shampoo that Reduces Shedding?

my pet just took a bath

Yes. It’s no magic formula and has to be used correctly, and in conjunction with other methods that will keep you on top of your pet’s shedding problem.

Think of it as the holy trinity of dog grooming:

  • Regular brushing (outside!)
  • A healthy, balanced diet
  • A good quality de-shedding shampoo

The three together will go a long way to keeping your home as fur-free as possible. In a little while, we’ll be taking you through the best dog shampoo for shedding, so you can finally stop having to get the vacuum cleaner out so often.

What Ingredients Should I be Looking For in a De Shedding Shampoo?

Good quality shampoos are packed with natural ingredients such as aloe vera and papaya leaf extract that will help to reduce shedding but at the same time will keep your dog’s skin healthy. Fatty acids like coco betaine come from coconuts and clean the skin and fur while being gentle on your pet.

Make sure you also look for omega 3 in your dog shampoo, too, as omega 3 helps to nourish

Brands like Nature s Miracle Supreme and Burt s Bees will not only help to reduce shedding but odor, too, thanks to their effective odor control ingredients, and with Burt s Bees you can be sure your pet is using shedding shampoos that are reducing his shedding but that hasn’t been tested on any of his little buddies, either.

How Often Should you Bathe a Shedding Dog with Anti Shedding Shampoo?

This is a great question, and getting the routine right can make a huge difference to the amount of fur you find around the house.

You might be tempted to put your canine pal into the bath every week, or even a couple of times a week, and give his skin and fur a good scrubbing with shampoo to get that excess hair out. But even if you had the patience to do that, it’s not a good idea.

Over-bathing your dog can lead to serious skin problems. Your dog’s skin isn’t made to be washed with soaps every single day, or even be wet very often. So be sure not to give your dog a bath as often as every week so as not to dry out the dog’s skin and coat.

Instead, bathing every two weeks with an anti shedding shampoo is advisable for healthy skin, with plenty of brushing in the meantime.

Overjoyed girl caring about stray dogs

And The Winner Is…..

Shampoo #5: FURminator DeShedding Ultra Premium Shampoo

We couldn’t disagree with the reviews, because this shed control shampoo does exactly what it promises!

Once we had dealt with the excess hair loss in the early stages of use as the formula worked to make sure it was ridding our pet of all his extra fur, we were so pleasantly surprised by how quickly he began to taper off in the shedding department.

Because this anti shedding dog shampoo works so well while at the same time being kind to his skin thanks to the aloe vera and other natural ingredients, it meant that we could still use it more regularly than we could other dog shampoos.

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