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8 Best Dog Food for Sensitive Stomach and Gas (2020) – Makes Dogs Happier

8 Best Dog Food for Sensitive Stomach and Gas (2020) – Makes Dogs Happier

Do you feel helpless because your dog has a sensitive stomach and is hurting? You are not alone. Many dog owners feel the same way. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. I will help you find the best dog food for sensitive stomach and gas.

But food might not be the main cause of your dog’s sensitive tummy problems. Before you change your dog’s diet, it’s best to consult with your vet first. A sensitive stomach may be a sign of more serious health issues. You would visit a doctor if you had an upset stomach, right? Your dog is no different.

If you are certain that there isn’t an issue with your dog’s food, then we have a lot to cover. We’ll go over the details and info you’ll need to turn your pooch’s frown upside down.

But, know that this article is not some simple list of products. I didn’t just copy corporate advertising jargon and tell you: “Okay, buy this product. It works miracles.” No. I will give you the info you need so you can make an informed decision that’s best for your pup.

Having said that, let’s look at what causes a sensitive stomach and try to find the best dog food for sensitive stomachs.

8 of the Best Dog Food for Sensitive Stomach and Gas – Summary and Highlights


Buying Guide For The Best Dog Food For Sensitive Stomach And Gas


Dogs are curious creatures. They explore the world around them with their mouth. Ultimately, they are bound to eat something that will upset their stomach in the long run. Sometimes, sensitivity issues arise because of the food you feed them at home. Regardless of the reasons, know that a sensitive stomach is quite common in dogs.

But, finding the best dog food for sensitive stomach and gas is a daunting task. With so many options to choose from, you’re bashing your head trying to figure out which product would fix the problem. Although, keep in mind that sudden changes in diet can make things worse. That’s just one more reason why you need to be careful with food selection.

When choosing the best dog food for sensitive stomach and gas, there are a couple of things you need to look out for.

What Causes A Sensitive Stomach?

You might think that dogs can eat anything and get away with it scot-free. But, at some point, you realize that your dog has developed a sensitive stomach because of that. At that moment, you have to find the best dog food for sensitive stomach and gas.

Note that a sensitive stomach might be a warning sign that your pup has some other health issues. They might not even be related to food. In that case, you should consider taking it to the vet.

If you are certain your dog is healthy, but the food is somehow causing problems, there are four main reasons for that. Luckily, you can tackle them yourself.


An upset stomach might signal that your dog has developed an intolerance to certain proteins. Most commonly, their stomachs won’t tolerate anything with dairy, eggs, or yeast. If your dog’s diet contains any of those ingredients, stomach and food sensitivity issues are possible.

Sometimes, intolerance to certain foods is not obvious right away. It can develop over time.

Lack of vitamins and minerals

Vitamin or mineral deficiencies can also cause problems with the digestive system. That’s why your dog needs to have a complete and balanced diet. Also, a fiber deficiency can cause problems with the digestive system. It’s best to consult with your vet to determine which vitamins and minerals are missing from the diet.

Keep in mind that too much of something may also be the root of the problem. For example, too much fat can cause dogs to develop a sensitive stomach.

Trash and table scraps

Do you feed your dog table scraps or leftover food? Most people do. But, that might be what’s irritating your dog’s stomach. Dogs shouldn’t eat everything their human parents eat. If you cut down on feeding your dog table scraps, that might solve the sensitivity problem. If your dog likes to eat trash, take measures against it.

Sudden change in diet

It’s not easy finding the best dog food for sensitive stomach and gas. When you do find it, don’t transition suddenly. A sudden change in your dog’s diet may cause all sorts of issues. A sensitive stomach is only one of the side effects.

If you’ve recently switched to a new dog food brand, that might be the reason why your dog is reacting negatively. Know that even the best food for sensitive stomach might cause issues. So, keep in mind that frequent changes in dog food products can make the sensitivity even worse. Make any changes gradually and carefully.

How To Spot The Symptoms Of A Sensitive Stomach

Russian toy terrier dog

Symptoms of an upset dog tummy are much like symptoms of stomach problems in humans. If you don’t want to visit a vet right away, look for symptoms that you might have if you had an upset stomach.

Vomiting is a telltale sign that something is irritating your dog’s stomach. It might not be a big problem, but if you notice any other symptoms you might want to call your vet. Bacterial infections, parasites, and toxins can cause ulcers and bowel diseases.

If your dog has diarrhea, it might be due to a sensitive stomach or a recent change in diet. Gas is also a common symptom of a bad tummy. In fact, flatulence is common in dogs since they gulp in a lot of air while they eat. Taking your dog for a walk after feeding might ease the problems with gas.

Choosing The Best Dog Food For Sensitive Stomach and Gas

Overfed Cartoon Puppy Dog and having a gas

I will repeat — before making drastic changes in your dog’s diet, it’s best to consult with a vet. Suddenly switching from one dog food product to another can make the situation worse. If you’ve found the best dog food for sensitive stomach and gas, transition slowly and pay attention to how your dog reacts.

Having said that, you probably already know there are hundreds of dog food brands on the market. Understandably, you feel overwhelmed since you don’t want to worsen the problem. The best place to start is food that is specifically formulated for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

But, keep in mind that company websites may be misleading. Since they are in the business of selling products, it’s logical they will claim their product is the best food for sensitive stomach.

So, while you are searching for the best sensitive stomach dog food, keep these things in mind.


Some food ingredients cause stomach problems more often than others. That’s why you should check to see if your dog’s food contains wheat, corn, or soy. Chicken meat and artificial coloring can also be the source of digestive problems, but not always.

To narrow down the culprit, you might want to switch to dog food with limited ingredients. Those formulas often don’t contain the usual irritant ingredients.

If beef or poultry are causing problems, a good protein-rich alternative is salmon. Sometimes, artificial ingredients are to blame for your dog’s upset stomach. If that’s the case, you might want to consider dog food that is all-natural.

Wet or dry?

The difference between wet and dry food is not significant when dealing with an upset stomach. Food formulated for dogs with sensitive stomachs can come in a bag or can. But, if your dog has a teeth problem and a sensitive stomach, wet food might be easier to chew and digest.

Another reason why you might opt for wet food is if your pup is an endless eater. Wet food consists of about 60% water, which will cause a feeling of being full.

If your dog’s appetite has decreased because of digestive issues, wet food might be more convenient. It has a stronger smell which can cause an increase in appetite. Older dogs that have a weaker sense of smell could also benefit from the stronger smell of wet food.

Essentially, it’s alright to mix dry and wet food to calm your dog’s sensitive stomach. But, keep in mind that you should only mix foods from the same brand.

For seniors or puppies

As a rule of thumb, dogs should eat food that is appropriate for their age and size. You might feel that it’s appropriate to give your grown-up dog puppy food to ease the discomfort, but you shouldn’t do that. Similarly, puppies shouldn’t eat food intended for adults or seniors you might want to read our topic on the best dog food for large breed puppies as we have reviewed the essentials and what is necessary things to consider before buying dog food for puppies.

Feeding puppy food to an adult dog with a sensitive stomach can cause further issues. That’s because puppy food is rich in protein and fat, which can cause vomiting or loose stools. Also, adult dogs on puppy food are prone to weight gain.

Our Top Picks For Dog Food For Sensitive Stomachs

Up until now, I have touched upon all major topics regarding sensitive stomachs in dogs. Now, we’ll look at the best dog food for sensitive stomach and gas you can buy to help your pup. It might seem overwhelming, but we’ll do it together — one step at a time.

I have carefully created a list of the best dog foods for sensitive stomachs. I will guide you through every product and list its features so you can decide which one to buy. I honestly want your buddy to get well fast, so let’s just jump right in.

1. Purina Pro Plan Focus Sensitive Skin & Stomach Adult Dry Dog Food

Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Stomach Dry Dog Food; FOCUS Sensitive Skin & Stomach Salmon & Rice Formula - 30 lb. Bag

No products found.

Searching for the best dog food for sensitive stomach and gas can be hard if you don’t know much about nutrition. Just know that most dogs with sensitive stomachs don’t tolerate certain kinds of grain.

Luckily, Purina has created a formula without them. This particular brand is also free of artificial coloring. Since those are the two most common irritants, it’s safe to say that it won’t worsen your dog’s troubles.

Key features and benefits

Purina’s Pro Plan line offers many different products, depending on your dog’s needs. But, I will only talk about the one for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Purina’s key selling point is that their products contain only real meat. In the category of the best dog food for sensitive stomach and gas, that’s important since artificial ingredients can worsen digestive problems.

Their formulas are backed up by years of research and are safe for all dogs with sensitive stomachs. Purina’s Pro Plan Focus Sensitive Skin & Stomach also tackles issues with skin problems. So, if your pooch has a rash or allergies that are food-related, you might want to consider this formula.


Purina’s formula doesn’t contain grains. So, you don’t have to worry about the common irritants such as corn, wheat, and soy. The absence of those ingredients will ensure better digestibility.

The formula also includes ground rice — an easily digestible source of carbohydrates. However, Purina’s formula contains barley, which is a source of gluten that can cause digestive problems.

No artificial ingredients

Purina claims that their formula doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients, colors, or flavors. Dogs that suffer from a sensitive stomach shouldn’t consume artificial ingredients.

Only real meat

This product contains only real meat. Salmon is the main source of protein to ensure a balanced diet. So, don’t be surprised because the salmon and fish oils will give it a fishy smell.

Prebiotic fibers

To boost digestibility, your dog could benefit from prebiotic fibers in Purina’s formula. Those fibers will take care of bacteria in your dog’s intestines.


  • The formula contains only real meat
  • No grains that irritate the stomach
  • No artificial dyes or flavors
  • A complete and balanced diet for better nutrition
  • Ensures better digestibility
  • Your dog will be more energetic and have a shinier coat


  • This formula can cause flatulence and loose stools
  • Some recipes do contain corn and wheat

No products found.

2. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food

Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Adult, Small Paws for Small Breeds, Chicken Meal & Rice Recipe, 4.5 lb Bag

No products found.

Changing your dog’s diet because of stomach problems might not be as easy as it seems. It’s possible that your dog might even refuse to eat something new. If that happens, even the best dog food for sensitive stomach and gas would be useless.

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food claims to solve that problem because their formula is delicious. Well, I can’t claim that because I have never tried dog food. But, according to Hill’s, dogs at the Pet Nutrition Center tested their product for taste and loved it.

Key features and benefits

If you have an adult dog, you can feed it Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food. It’s also intended for breeds of any size — small, medium or large. The formula contains only real meat and doesn’t have any artificial preservatives. Apart from that, Hill’s claims their recipe is also great for the skin and coat.

By introducing your pooch to Hill’s formula, you can rest assured that you’re transitioning to the best dog food for sensitive stomach and gas. After all, it’s often recommended by vets.

Natural ingredients

Hill’s formula for dogs with food sensitivity issues contains only real meat. Their recipe includes a chicken meal and barley, among other healthy ingredients. All in all, the well-balanced combination of ingredients will help your dog with loose stool and stomach sensitivity. On top of that, vitamin E and Omega 6 fatty acids will help alleviate skin or coat problems.


It’s important that your pup’s food is healthy but also delicious. So, Hill’s taste-tested their formula on dogs at the Pet Nutrition Center. As for the results… Well, you’ll just have to ask your dog. It seems as if they didn’t miss the mark with their healthy mix of natural ingredients and flavors.

No artificial preservatives

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food doesn’t contain any artificial preservatives. Also, it’s free of artificial colors or flavors. Keep in mind that this claim pertains to dry foods only. Another plus for this product is that is doesn’t contain chicken by-product meal.

Two formulas

This product has two different formulas. The new formula comes with additional ingredients and higher calorific value. But, switching to it suddenly may cause vomiting and diarrhea. To avoid such issues, make sure you are buying the appropriate formula. If your dog has been eating the old one, you should introduce the new one gradually.

Feeding homeless animals

The company behind this product donates food to animal shelters whenever you buy its Science Diet formula. So, by feeding your dog, you’ll be feeding homeless animals as well.


  • Delicious flavor taste-tested by dogs
  • Contains real meat
  • No artificial preservatives (only in dry food)
  • Contains only natural ingredients and provides a well-balanced nutrition
  • Great for sensitive stomachs and healthier skin


  • The new formula contains additional ingredients that can cause vomiting, itching and other stomach problems if you transition suddenly

No products found.

3. CANIDAE All Life Stages Dog Dry Food

CANIDAE All Life Stages Dog Dry Food Chicken, Turkey, Lamb & Fish Meals Formula 44lbs

No products found.

One pup with digestive problems is bad enough. Imagine having more than one dog with the same problem. If they are different breeds or sizes, the problem quickly turns into a nightmare. Where do you find the best dog food for sensitive stomach and gas that will please all your dogs?

CANIDAE All Life Stages Dog Dry Food seems to solve that problem because it’s suitable for puppies and seniors. So, you won’t have to juggle multiple bags of dog food for each of your dogs. If your dog is a picky eater, this formula might help increase their appetite. It’s packed with natural ingredients, proteins and Omega fatty acids for a healthier coat.

Key features and benefits

The manufacturer claims its food is for dogs of all ages. It contains ingredients that are of premium quality to help maintain a healthy digestive system. This product includes the HealthPlus Solutions In Every Bite — probiotics, antioxidants and Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids.

Vet formulated

The company behind this brand claims real veterinarians formulated the recipe. So, if your dog has mild stomach sensitivity issues, maybe you don’t need to take it to the vet. This vet-approved formula might just be the right thing for your dog.

Protein-rich formula

This formula is unique because it’s packed with proteins. It contains chicken, lamb, and fish meal for a protein kick your sensitive dog needs. Also, it will keep them full for a while after feeding.

No grains

For dogs with sensitivity issues, grains can be problematic for the digestive system. Since this formula is vet-approved, it doesn’t contain any corn, wheat, or soy ingredients. That’s important because the best dog food for sensitive stomach and gas shouldn’t contain such grains, anyway.

One bag to feed them all

If you have multiple dogs in your household, feeding all of them different formulas can be a hassle. This formula solves that problem. It’s made to satisfy dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages. Basically, you need only one bag to feed all of your dogs.


  • Complete and balanced formula with premium quality ingredients
  • A rich source of protein from chicken, lamb, and fish
  • Your dog will feel full after a meal
  • Contains antioxidants to ensure the digestive tract remains healthy
  • Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids ensure your dog’s skin and coat stay shiny and in good health


  • Your dog might be sensitive to one of the many ingredients in the recipe
  • Canola oil may cause issues since it comes from genetically modified rapeseeds
  • Vomiting and diarrhea might occur

No products found.

4. AvoDerm Natural Dry & Wet Dog Food

AvoDerm Natural Dry & Wet Dog Food, For Skin & Coat, Chicken & Rice Formula

No products found.

When talking about the best dog food for sensitive stomach and gas, I have to mention that there is a link between your dog’s stomach and skin. If your dog is allergic to certain ingredients, you’ll be able to see it on their skin. That’s why red or itchy skin is a sign that your dog might be allergic to something. If your dog has a sensitive stomach and sensitive skin, AvoDerm might solve the problem.

This formula contains ingredients that promote healthy skin and a happy stomach. It’s also highly digestible, which is important for maintaining a normal stool.

Key features and benefits

AvoDerm has a line of dog food products that helps with skin and stomach sensitivity issues. Depending on your dog’s needs, you can get in a bag or a can. Also, their formula differs from others because it includes avocados. The company claims it’s safe for all dogs and helps maintain the healthiness of their coat. For some, avocado is the ingredient that makes AvoDerm the best dog food for sensitive stomach and gas.


The most important vitamins and minerals in this formula come from avocados. Crude fibers are also in the mix to aid with digestion and defecation.


This formula is specifically designed for adult dogs — large or small. It’s rich with proteins that will keep your dog energized and satisfied after feeding. The company claims its formula contains only high-quality proteins.

Highly digestible

Your dog’s sensitive stomach will easily digest this dry food formula. The food is pressure-cooked to ensure optimal nutrition.

Homegrown ingredients

Most of the plant-based ingredients are homegrown in the US, except for some that are imported from Canada. Lamb meal comes from New Zealand and duck meal from France.


  • Avocados can calm a sensitive stomach
  • The formula is rich in protein, so your pooch will feel energized after feeding
  • The food is highly digestible
  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • Corn-free, wheat-free, and soy-free


  • If your dog has a really sensitive stomach, this formula might make it sick
  • Some people feel skeptical over giving their dogs a formula with avocados

No products found.

5. Whole Earth Farms Grain-Free, Natural Dry Dog Food

Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Recipe Dry Dog Food, Pork, Beef & Lamb, 25-Pound

No products found.

Some dogs are picky when it comes to the food they eat, just like humans. You might have a dog that won’t eat just about anything. Sometimes the taste or smell will put them off; other times the quality of ingredients is the problem. If your pup likes to eat only all-natural food, you might have found the best dog food for sensitive stomach and gas with this product.

Whole Earth Farms claims their dog food contains only natural, high-quality homegrown ingredients.

Key features and benefits

This product is made in the USA and promises ingredients of the highest quality. It’s intended for small, medium, or large adult dogs. Keep in mind that this product is not specifically targeted towards dogs with sensitive stomachs. That’s not the brand’s main selling point. But, the all-natural formula signals that sensitive dogs could enjoy it as well.


This product takes a holistic approach when it comes to dog food. The company behind it claims that their formula contains only all-natural ingredients. The recipe calls for dry blueberries and rosemary for added flavor. “From the earth” is their main slogan.


Most of the ingredients are plant-based. The formula contains dried potatoes, sweet potatoes, and peas. Meat meals are included only in moderate amounts. Your pup gets pork, beef, and lamb. Also, it is completely grain-free.

Multiple proteins

Apart from important vitamins and minerals, this formula also contains quality proteins. They come from pork meals, beef, and lamb. Pork fat gives this formula the meaty flavor dogs love. Peas are another source of protein, as well as dried blueberries and rosemary.

Made in the USA

If you are skeptical of food produced abroad, you’ll be happy to know this formula is entirely cooked in the US with high-quality all-natural ingredients.


  • All-natural ingredients cooked in the US
  • Rich source of protein that will keep your dog energized
  • Grain-free formula without artificial preservatives or flavors


  • This formula is not marketed directly towards dogs with sensitive stomachs
  • The kibble might be too big for smaller breeds

No products found.

6. Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Diet

Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Diet, Grain Free Natural Adult Dry Dog Food, Turkey & Potato 24-lb

No products found.

Buying dog food that contains many ingredients might be risky. If your dog has a food sensitivity, one unknown ingredient could stir up trouble in their stomach. It would be hard for you to figure out which ingredient is the culprit. Sometimes, the best dog food for sensitive stomach and gas is food that has a limited number of ingredients.

That’s where Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Diet shines compared to others.

Key features and benefits

The Basics Limited Ingredient product line has something for every kind of dog. You just have to make sure you get your dog the appropriate bag. This product line has food for puppies, adult dogs, and seniors but with different ingredients. Also, all food is chicken-free and grain-free, which is what you want when buying the best dog food for sensitive stomach and gas. For a great looking coat and healthy skin, the formula comes with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

Limited ingredients

This recipe contains only essential ingredients to minimize sensitivity to certain foods. But, you can rest assured that there are no cutbacks regarding nutrition quality. All ingredients are carefully selected to maintain a well-balanced diet for sensitive dogs.

Single animal protein source

A limited ingredient diet also means only one source of animal protein. Most other brands combine meat from different animals, but not this one. This particular recipe comes with real salmon. Other products from the same line can contain other kinds of meat — turkey, duck, and lamb. Also, it’s completely chicken-free.

Gentil digestion

To help your pooch with digestion, this product combines various easily digestible ingredients. Pumpkins and peas are natural sources of fiber, which is important for digestion and proper “stool maintenance”. Also, potatoes and brown rice are great sources of carbs and are also easily digestible.


BLUE’s Basics Limited Ingredient Diet line has a variety of products. Puppies, adult dogs, and seniors have their separate bags. Also, different bags come with different flavors and sources of animal protein. This product line also has dried and wet food alternatives.


  • A well-balanced nutrition formula with a limited number of ingredients
  • The formula doesn’t contain poultry ingredients or grains
  • Only one source of animal protein
  • All ingredients are easily digestible


  • Contains dried yeast, which can cause allergies, but it’s not a serious threat
  • Plants are the main source of protein

No products found.

7. Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Grain-Free Dry Dog Food Beef

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Beef Formula Dry Dog Food, 24 Pounds, Grain Free

No products found.

Extremely sensitive dogs will react to even the slightest changes in their food. If a brand alters its recipe even a little, your dog might start vomiting or itching. Any kind of contamination will cause a negative reaction. In that case, you want a dog food brand that has strict quality control.

But, how do you know companies perform tests to ensure they are producing the best dog food for sensitive stomach and gas? The Natural Balance brand claims to perform nine tests on each batch of food. They even share the results on their website.

Key features and benefits

Removing certain foods from your dog’s diet could cause more damage than good. Simplified formulas could be the answer and Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets does just that. They carefully reduced the number of ingredients your dog gets exposed to. But, they’ve done it in a way that doesn’t sacrifice valuable nutrition.

Simplified formula

The formula contains only one source of animal protein. The main ingredient is beef. But, other variations of the same product come with duck, lamb, fish, or bison meal. To simplify things further, the recipe calls for only two primary sources of carbs.

Tested regularly

Every batch has to pass nine tests before it goes on the shelf. The company behind this brand values transparency. So, they publish the test results on their website so you can be sure the formula is consistent.

High protein, no grains

Compared to other limited ingredient brands, this one contains the highest protein concentration — 32%. Proteins are important for pups because that’s where they get their energy from. Also, this product doesn’t contain any grains, potatoes, or fillers.


  • Made from carefully selected natural ingredients
  • Easily digestible
  • Comes in different flavors
  • Available dry or canned


  • The flavor might be off-putting for some dogs

No products found.

8. Nutro Wholesome Essentials Natural Puppy Dry Dog Food

Nutro Wholesome Essentials Natural Puppy Food

No products found.

Do you care if your dog is eating food that has been genetically modified? GMO food is everywhere and we eat it every day. But, GMO shouldn’t be part of the best dog food for sensitive stomach and gas. Some dog food brands contain GMO and you are not even aware of it.

Luckily, on our quest to find the best dog food for sensitive stomach and gas we stumbled upon the Nutro Wholesome dog food. If you’re concerned with GMO, this brand claims to be GMO-free.

Key features and benefits

Nutro Wholesome Essentials is a line of dog food products for dogs of all breeds and life stages. The name might even suggest that it’s the best puppy food for sensitive stomachs. But, keep in mind that this product is not excursively for dogs with sensitive tummies.It’s geared more towards building strong muscles and bones.


The company behind this brand claims its formula doesn’t contain GMO. They use real ingredients — no chicken by-product meal, corn or wheat. Also, this product is free of artificial preservatives or favoring.

Ingredients sourced from farms

The recipe is cooked in the US, but the ingredients are sourced from all over the world. The manufacturer claims the ingredients come from trusted farmers.

Chicken and whole grains

The main ingredient in this formula is farm-raised chicken. That’s the main source of protein. It also contains chicken meal and chicken fat. Likewise, whole grains mixed with vegetables and fruit give the formula a great taste.


  • Rich in protein and other vital vitamins and minerals
  • Ingredients are sourced from trusted suppliers
  • No artificial preservatives or flavors
  • Might be the best puppy food for sensitive stomachs if your pup likes chicken


  • Contain beet pulp which is considered a cheap filler ingredient

No products found.

Which is the best dog food for sensitive stomach and gas?

With so many great dog food brands out there, it’s hard to choose the best dog food for sensitive stomach and gas. I made this guide for you — to help you make the right call. You know your dog best, so first, you have to figure out what it likes to eat. Then, try to pin down what ingredients cause sensitivity issues. Once you have that figured out, you’ll be able to choose the right brand.

Know that all dog food brands I listed here can help ease digestive discomfort. But, no two dogs are alike. What works for others, might not work for your dog.

The only sure way to find out is to try. But, remember to make the transition smooth and gentle. We don’t want to upset that tummy even more.

In our opinion, the overall best dog food for sensitive stomach and gas is Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food. The formula is well-balanced and packed with nutrients that calm upset stomachs. Plus, it’s taste-tested by dogs and recommended by vets. Also, this is the only brand that donates food to animal shelters when you buy their product. Obviously, the humanitarian aspect, for us, is a major plus.

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