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5 Of The Best Dog Brush for Labs (A Reviewed 2020) Hair Care

5 Of The Best Dog Brush for Labs (A Reviewed 2020) Hair Care

There’s a good reason that Labradors are the most popular pet in the USA: they’re an all-round brilliant dog! Intelligent, friendly and loyal, they’re perfect for families and singles as their temperament makes them very good with children and other dogs. They’re also just like huge, cuddly teddy bears.

The one thing that might drive us a little crazy, though, is their hair. It seems to get everywhere! No matter which color of Labrador you may own, you’ll find your dog’s loose hair on your furniture, clothes, and even in your bed.

It’s vital, therefore, that you invest in the right dog brush for Labs. The best brushes will be ones that not only remove more dead hair and loose fur but that keep your pet’s coat gleaming and look after his skin, too.

So, which is the best brush for Labs? Stick with us and you’ll find out.

What is the Best Brush for Labrador Dogs?

Now that you know what kind of dog brushes you’re looking for, a lot of the final decision will come down to your particular kind of dog.

There are many different kinds of Labrador. Some have short hair, others a little longer.

Some shed all the time, non-stop, and others only a little here and there. Keep that in mind when choosing the best brush for Labs from the following list.

Now, without further ado, let’s look at a selection of the best dog brushes for Labradors that we’ve found.

#1 – Paws & Pals Best In Show Dog & Cat Deshedding Tool

paw and pals

Immediately, this is a great tool for Labrador hair. It’s a little different from a regular kind of brush in that it seems to be a combination of a comb and a windshield scraper!

However, the fine teeth make it a perfect brush for Labrador coats because it’s able to get deep into the second layer of his fur and even down to the skin, removing dander, dead skin cells, and all the loose hair you could possibly want.

It’ll also straighten out any tangles and knots, as the best dog brush does, before leaving his coat smooth and shiny. An excellent dog deshedding brush that all Labrador owners would do well to keep in their grooming brush kits!


  • The sturdy, stainless steel blade/brush can penetrate into the coat while at the same time the bristles are just short enough so as not to scrape your Lab’s skin.
  • Extremely good value for money in this slicker brush, as it carries an extremely reasonable price tag.
  • Regular brushing with this grooming tool reduces shedding as it gets to the root of the problem.
  • Easy to use, and gentle on your wrist.
  • Can be used on both your cat and your dog.


  • On dogs with extremely thick hair it might not quite get through to the deepest parts – the teeth of this dog brush may not be quite long enough.
  • Made with plastics containing chemicals on the Prop 65 list, which may put some pet owners off.


#2 – KONG Dog ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush


There’s very little we can say about this brush, other than that we absolutely loved it! And we’re not alone, either, as the customer reviews speak for themselves.

The reason so many dog owners love this shedding brush is that not only it is so easy to use, but dogs themselves adore being brushed with it. It has no wire bristles, so even the most timid of Labradors will simply lie back and enjoy the massage.

The soft plastic acts like a magnet, pulling away dead hairs as they stick to the material. There’s no pain to the dog at all and not only that, but it also works perfectly on removing shed hair from furniture, too.


  • Lightweight, friendly design won’t intimidate even the most nervous of dogs.
  • Smooth, gentle, massager will relax your dog so that brushing isn’t a chore but a pamper session.
  • Hair is attracted to the brush like a magnet, so it removes more hair than a pin brush, without any of the hair staying in the brush afterwards.
  • Extremely reasonable price from one of the best-loved dog products catalogue.
  • Also works very well when bathing your dog, working up an excellent lather.
  • Can be used on furniture, too, without scratching or damaging items.


  • Those with shorter-haired dogs have found it doesn’t work as well – it’s better for longer-haired pets.
  • Dogs have a tendency to see it as a chew toy and have been known to destroy the ZoomGroom.


#3 – Hertzko Self-Cleaning Dog Brush

Hertzko Self-Cleaning Dog

While some grooming brushes only serve to remove unwanted hair from a dog’s coat, the Hertzko Self-Cleaning slicker brush is also highly effective at getting through even the most stubborn mats and tangles.

Comfortable to hold, this brush can really give your dog a good brushing without your hand aching.

The pins can penetrate extremely thick fur, making it perfect for helping you reach the undercoat while giving your dog a relaxing massage and easing his muscles. Many a Labrador owner will swear by these slicker brushes as they get deep, right through the double coat layers.

With its unique bristle retraction technology, simply pressing a furejector button allows you to easily remove loose hair and throw it in the trash so you don’t have to worry about an icky, fur-filled dog brush lying around!


  • High-quality pins get deep into your dog’s thick coat for a thorough brushing.
  • For those dogs with a sensitive skin condition, turnover from the pin side to the bristles side for softer grooming.
  • Massaging action helps to improve circulation to your dog’s skin.
  • Easy to hold so massaging your dog won’t leave you with aching hands.
  • Removes stubborn mats and tangles.


  • Some dogs find the pins painful and irritating – not for use on dogs who don’t have thick coats.
  • The furejector button has been known to stop working after a short period of time.


#4 – Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush

Hartz Groomers

Another dual-action grooming tool that works to not only remove tangles and knots but also leave your dog’s coat gleaming, the Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Brush is a popular choice for lab owners.

The bristles may not penetrate as deeply as the safety-tipped pins, but their job is to redistribute the natural oils in your dog’s coat, and that’s what leaves it so shiny. Labrador owners who take pride in their dog’s coat do well to choose this kind of pet brush.

The bristles are particularly effective if you want to remove loose hair, and although this grooming brush isn’t as easy to clean as many of the others; the price is very reasonable for the job that it performs.


  • A firm and hardy brush, helping you make sure to remove all tangles when you brush your lab.
  • Perfect for long haired dogs who have a double coat.
  • Dual-action gives your dog both deep, detangling grooming while leaving his coat gleaming.
  • Particularly good for removing dander, which is important for dog owners who suffer from allergies, particularly skin allergies exacerbated by dander.
  • Excellent for different pets in the family who have varied grooming needs, without having to buy separate brushes.
  • Great value for money in a grooming brush.


  • The steel pins may be too harsh on shorter-haired animals.
  • A low price may reflect poor quality materials – customers have noticed the brush comes apart easily.


#5 – Frisco Cat & Dog Combo Brush

Frisco Hair Brush

While many pet owners are put off by pin brushes, they needn’t worry when it comes to the Frisco Cat & Dog Combo Brush. This is because the pins are made of plastic as opposed to stainless steel, so your dog’s skin is better protected.

The soft bristles remove dead hair and make this an effective deshedding brush that won’t hurt your labrador when you brush him, but will leave his coat gleaming.

The rounded tips of the tips and the bristles effectively remove loose hair and dander, but both sides of this brush are equally gentle, which makes it kind on dogs with a skin condition.

Once you’ve brushed your labrador, your cat will also want a brush of their own!


  • Soft and gentle on both sides, thanks to the rounded tips and plastic pins, not stainless steel.
  • Perfect for both the dog and the cat.
  • Not only remove tangles but the bristle side will evenly distribute the natural oils in your dog’s coat and skin, leaving him shining.
  • Handy grooming tool for the whole menagerie, packing a large punch for its small, sleek design.


  • A little pricy considering its size, although customers are happy with the quality of materials and the durability of these slicker brushes.
  • More suitable for smaller dogs with medium length hair, so if you have a longer-haired labrador this might not do the job.


FAQ: Questions and Answers

Care for dog hair

Should You Brush Labradors?


You could spend your whole day brushing a Labrador and it will still feel as though there’s plenty more fur to remove. Problems with shedding are the main reason that a Lab owner will become frustrated with their pet.

But you can save yourself a lot of headache by staying on top of your Lab’s grooming. It takes effort, particularly at certain times of the year, but by taking the time to get yourself a good shedding brush and running it through your pet’s hair once a day, shedding time doesn’t have to be such a nightmare.

Why Does a Labrador Shed So Much?

There are two layers to a Labrador’s coat. The top layer is coarser and denser, as it works to repel water, which was vital for the time many, many years ago when the Labrador ran wild on the snowy tundra.

Below that layer is the second coat which is very soft and insulating. Again, it was necessary in icy conditions, although these days the domestic Labrador has no need for such thick fur, so this is why he sheds.

It’s estimated that a Labrador can shed as much as SEVENTY pounds of hair every year. In the wild, a Lab would shed more in the warmer months than the winter, but these days there’s more of a constant shed, all year round.

How Should You Brush a Labrador?

Brush a Labrador

Grooming tips can be as important as training tips! While training tips will help with getting the best behavior out of your Lab, grooming tips will get the best out of your dog brush.

The best advice we can give is to always brush him outside!

An important thing to remember is that while you’re trying to remove as much loose fur as possible, you don’t need to use too much pressure. A Labrador has sensitive skin under all that fur, and many Labradors suffer with skin conditions, so make sure to be gentle.

Start brushing with the direction of the coat, first. Not all dogs love to be brushed but gentle, slow strokes will mean that soon he’ll get used to the idea. The first brushing through your Lab’s coat will remove dead hair and loose hair first.

Many a dog owner prefers to use a slicker brush for this first stage, because not only does it remove the loose hair, but it also detangles the Lab’s coat. An active Labrador who gets plenty of exercises and loves to roll around in lots of moods.

Slicker brushes and pin brushes both get deep into the coat. Once you’ve done the first complete brush, start at the base of the tail of your pet and then begin to brush backwards. This may seem strange, but it really helps to loosen the dead fur and also get out all the dander from deep in the coat.

Once the second, backwards brushing is complete, run the brush through a final time, this time again in the direction of growth, to get out those last flyaway hairs. A bristle brush will give your Lab’s coat a beautiful, glossy shine as it helps to distribute his natural oils through his entire fur.

A handy extra to remember, especially in the Spring, is that you don’t need to throw all the brushed hairs in the trash. Leave a few clumps out for local birds to come down and take – they layer their nests with it and it keeps their chicks warm!

Shaggy Dog Brushing His Far

How to Pick the Best Brush for Labs

It’s important to choose the best dog brush not just for your Labrador, but for you, too. By that, we mean that the best brush you can find is one that won’t be uncomfortable to hold. After all, if you own a Labrador you’ll be spending a lot of your time brushing him.

Choose a brush that is well made, too. Again, it’ll be getting a lot of use in your Lab so you’ll be getting value for money.

Some Lab parents swear by the slicker brush. It’s a brush that’s made of many fine-toothed pins or bristles, set closer together than the pins on a pin brush. This means it picks up more fur than other brushes with every stroke.

Many slicker brushes today come with a self-cleaning mechanism where the pins of the pet brush retract with the push of a button, leaving the hair easy to remove and throw away. A brush that’s not only easy to use but easy to clean will mean pet brushing time is less of a chore.

The best brushes for Labradors will not only remove more hair and fur but will actively reduce shedding. This is because Labradors shed only dead hair and fur, so taking this unnecessary hair away with the brush before it falls off naturally means less hair around your house.

You may want to get yourself a dual-headed brush, one that has pins on one side and bristles on the other. A bristle brush is an important addition to your collection of dog brushes, as the bristle brush is what will distribute the natural oils in your Lab’s coat and leave his fur bright and shiny.

Why is Skin Care Important for a Labrador?

As many as 10% of Labradors suffer with sensitive skin conditions. This means that although your main concern may be to reduce shedding in your pet, you also need to be sure that the dog brushes you use aren’t irritating your dog’s skin.

The best dog brushes for Labs will give your pet a thorough brushing which reduces shedding, but that at the same time will keep his skin healthy, too.


Which Dog Brush for Labs Did We Love the Most?

There was a clear winner from this selection…

We just loved the KONG Dog ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush!

With no stainless steel pins or spiky bristles, there was no need to worry that our labrador was going to find this dog brush irritating to his skin. Instead, the whole experience made him feel as though he was having a glorious massage that he didn’t want to end!

The Kong ZoomGroom works perfectly as a dog deshedding brush, as it draws out the loose hair which collects well before being easily cleaned from the brush, straight into the trash.

The sleek design makes for a slicker brush that is easy to hold without giving you an aching feeling in the wrist. Your labrador will especially appreciate this, as it means you can carry on brushing him for much longer!

Not only that but once you’re done brushing him, you can easily remove any remaining dog fur from your sofa with this brush, too. It’s an absolute must in your set of grooming tools!

Just be careful that he doesn’t mistake the pliable plastic design for a chew toy like his other Kong products, but to be honest, for that price it’s not the end of the world if he does.

Happy Brushing!

Now you know which is the best dog brush for labs, you can be sure that your shedding woes will be greatly alleviated.

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