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Are Huskies Good With Kids- All You Need To Know

Are Huskies Good With Kids- All You Need To Know

Are you considering adopting a pet into your home? Do you have kids who are looking forward to having a furball to play with and love? You’ve probably already considered getting a Golden or a Labrador Retriever, a German Shepherd, a Beagle or even a Bulldog.

But what about a Husky?

Are huskies good with kids? 

Shocked and Angry Husky

The short answer to that is yes, huskies are great with children.

They are super friendly and full of energy, and the best way to work all that zealousness out of their system is an hour spent playing outdoors with your kids.

Let’s take a closer look at how Huskies pets for your kids.

A Husky’s temperament

Huskies are, by nature, friendly and playful, with oodles of sass and a flair for the dramatic. They are entertaining dogs, and there will be no shortage of hilarious incidents around these goofballs. They are free-spirited and love the outdoors.

As a potential husky dog owner, you should know that they have a mind of their own and are particularly rambunctious when they are younger. If there is trouble to find, your husky will find it. When he’s bored, he will get mouthy and embrace his inner soprano. So keep in mind that while they are very friendly and great with kids, they are, in truth, kids themselves and will need a lot of love, discipline and patience, not pampering.

But, while he is friendly and sweet-natured, he is also alert and intelligent. So, despite not being inherent guard dogs, with proper training and guidance from an early age, they can be trained to care for and protect their humans. They form deep bonds, and can become attached to their human siblings. Ergo, with a little training, they can be great companions and friends, taught to care for and keep an eye on your children.


Are Huskies aggressive?

Huskies are not aggressive by nature, nor do they display any signs of hostility or possessiveness like German Shepherds or Bulldogs. They get along really well with both humans and other pets and for long lasting bonds with them. This quality is perhaps what makes them amazing pets for kids, but also somewhat poor guard dogs.

Why? Well, there is friendly and then, there is friendly.

my husky

Huskies are more likely to give an intruder a friendly lick and instigate a game of fetch than scare them off. They are not suspicious by nature.

So, their friendliness and passive nature is a great quality in them as pets around children, but not as a guard dog around strangers.


Huskies as playmates 

Huskies are very fond of the outdoors, and are athletic, agile and light on their feet. As a dog owner and if you have a Husky at home, you will know that they require constant exercise and time spent outdoors in the fresh air. As a parent with kids at home, you will know that they also need play time away from their screens and outside, having some fun in the sun. A Husky is a great playmate to your child, as is your child to your Husky.

As incredibly social animals, Huskies love to be around people , and thrive on attention. They have a mind of their own and can get into loads of mischief if you don’t keep a keen eye on them. I’m talking about the dogs, but this applies to children as well. What better way to keep them both occupied and safe than to keep them together?


What makes a Husky a great family dog

Here’s a list of pros and cons to consider, if you are considering adopting this breed as a pet for your kids and as a family dog.



A good natured breed, a husky is kind and agreeable and will not display any territorial qualities. So, if your kids are having other kids over for playdates or for sleepovers, your husky is going to take to those kids as well.

Huskies love attention. They love being pet, and are also not shy to show you and your children just how much they love you. A husky will pin you down, smother you with affection and plant wet smooches on you and your kids. He will jump onto the couch and give you puppy eyes and whimper until you make room for him to snuggle with you for family time.

As long as you exercise them long enough and often enough, Huskies don’t mind being indoors, even though their first inclination is to be outdoors. This breed makes for great pets for your kids to snuggle with indoors, just as they are great to run around in your backyard with.



Huskies tend to get mouthy and if they don’t get enough attention, they will let you and your kids know. They can get loud and howl till you give them what they want. So, if your kids, or you, aren’t up for the responsibility, then it would be prudent to research other breeds.

Huskies are very curious dogs. They have a tendency to chew things up around your home, unless trained otherwise.

They will also dig up holes around your garden, and so will your kids, for that matter. So if you’re looking for a responsible dog to watch your kids, get a babysitter because your husky is another kid himself. A husky puppy cannot be left alone for a long time, and neither can an adult for that matter as they will either get into trouble or feel separation anxiety from you and your children

Someone once said that the H in husky ought to stand for Houdini. Your husky is going to be an accomplished escape artist, so you’ll need to doggie-proof as well as kid-proof your entire home.


Are Huskies dangerous?

Only to a squirrel…or to himself if he’s scared of his reflection.

Huskies have a high prey drive. This means that they will chase after squirrels, hedgehogs and bunnies and even dig holes in your garden searching for them. Huskies will also chase cats unless they are either raised with one or are trained from a young age how to react around other animals. Once they do, however, they bond well with them as they have the ability to make friends with most animals.

But to humans, huskies are largely harmless, although this completely depends on the individual husky. But, as a breed, they pose more danger to themselves with their curious and over-zealous nature, than to humans and kids.

Siberian husky

Are Huskies good with babies?

So, we’ve established that huskies are gentle by nature and are sweet and kind, even excessively so. We’ve also established how their playful and energetic nature makes them great for your kids to run around and play with. But, what about around toddlers and babies? Are huskies good with babies?

You need to keep in mind that huskies have a lot of energy. It might seem repetitive to mention that but an over-excited husky might accidentally bump into your baby or toddler and topple them. However unintentional and harmless, keeping an eye on both your human baby and dog baby when they are around each other and not letting them have any unsupervised cuddle or play time would be prudent.

That said, your husky can be gentle, if taught how to. They are great pets for your babies to grow old with, and it does not hurt to mention how cuddly and warm they are. Just imagine your baby cuddled up with your husky. Adorable, yes? So, as long as you take pains to gently introduce your husky to your baby and watch out for any unintended accidents, your husky and your baby should get along great.


Training your husky…and your kids?

Small Laughing kids

Huskies are often believed to be too excitable and impatient to train, and sometimes, that might be true. But, if you get your husky as a puppy, then you can start his training immediately, the sooner the better. Training them ensures that they don’t wreak havoc around your home with your kids hot on their trail. But it is also a great way to let your children and your husky bond.

Not many people realise that while huskies, and most dogs, can be family pets, they actually have one distinct owner, usually the one who trains them. Helping your child train his husky is a great way to let them bond, but also, it teaches your child something as well. Training a dog to be disciplined takes discipline and by training his husky, your son will learn a lot along the way. Talk to a professional trainer and find out how to help your child train his husky.

Huskies also make for great service dogs, and have been recommended as therapy dogs for young children and even adults, because of how loving and sweet-natured they are as a breed.


The verdict?

The verdict? Yes, huskies are great with kids. They are gentle and loving, playful and fun. Growing up with a husky seems like a picture perfect childhood. As long as you are aware of your husky’s needs and his demands to be an oversized lap dog, a husky makes for an amazing family pet.

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